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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Campaign At Dragonmead.

Well, after a successful week last week, I have decided to return to The Loaded Die's Board Game Night at Dragonmead in Warren, Michigan this Thursday night, July 20th. Last week we played a game of Swords & Wizardry that involved 1st level characters taking out a vampire without and real combat, a mausoleum crawl and and oracular chicken named "Jeff." You know you want to play this.

I will be running Swords & Wizardry again! Those who came last week will be able to use their characters again. This game will become an ongoing campaign in which players can drop in and out as they are able. I intend to run it twice a month at this point. So, if you like Swords & Wizardy, or good RPGs of any stripe and are in the area, come on by and roll up a character! I will be at Dragonmead not later than 7:00 PM.