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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Go Fund Me and Auction To Help For Fantasy/OSR Artist Mona Dowie

OSR Artist, Mona Dowie is in need of some help. For those who don't know Mona is a fantasy artist and wife of OSR Blogger +William Dowie (Ramblings of a Great Kahn.) William's blog was once prolific, hosting OSR contests regularly, on of which produced +Richard LeBlanc's excellent Valley of Five Fires*. You have likely viewed Mona's art, possibly without realizing it. Here is a link to here DeviantArt page.

Additionally here are a few other pieces that you may recognize.


If you think you've seen any of these three before, you likely have. Larina is from +Timothy Brannan' recently released The Green Witch for Swords & Wizardry*. Both Nox and Syla appear in the Old School Community project Petty Gods*.
Now onto the bad news. Mona has been in a battle with cancer since 2014. You might notice that this is around the time that William's blog began to fall off. William has created a Go Fund Me campaign to attempt to help out with the medical bills they have accrued. From the Go Fund Me page:
"My wife Mona has had cancer for years. Her cancer made her too sick to work by the Spring of 2014. Her cancer was first diagnosed in the fall of 2014 as uterine cancer. In early 2015 she finally got surgery to remove the cancer, which consisted of a full hysterectomy. She was in the hospital for weeks following some complications from surgery, which required her to be on dialysis for a few weeks. Radiation followed for the next few months. We went about a year after that thinking she was cancer free, recovering from her treatment. We moved to her hometown of Waverly, NY, since we had lost our house in Mexico, NY anyway, and it was about time we lived near her family and friends. She was not cancer free though. The cancer metastacized first to her lungs, which gave her a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer, a few months later it metastacized to her brain, which we discovered because of the seizures it caused when it bled into her brain."
This is a cause that needs our attention. At the time of this posting the campaign has run for 11 DAY AND ONLY RAISED $415.00 OF A NEEDED $3000.00! You can also get updates on her condition here. PLEASE make a donation. This is a cause near to my heart as I lost my uncle to cancer just last September. Please help out. As an added kicker, I will personally auction off  a hardcover copy of Petty Gods, signed by myself, and any other authors willing in the comments below over the next week and donate everything raised to the cause. If you want to bid on the signed book, a link will be available here. You will need to join the Goblin Emporium to bid. Bidding will end on Friday July 7th at 7 P.M. EST.
You can donate directly to the cause at the Go Fund Me Page. 
If you were a contributor to Petty Gods and want to add your signature, we can pass this book around the states and get as many of our signatures as possible. If you want to be involved in the book signing for Mona contact me at luxfaust@gmail.com.
Also, everyone share this post around! Get the word out!

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