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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Podcast and Giveaway Drawing

This year Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day will have it's third annual Live Broadcast, that you can tune into, watch and participate in. Once again the Broadcast will be hosted by +Adam Muszkiewicz and +Donn Stroud on Drink, Spin, Run. I will be co-hosting as in previous years. As far as the guests you can tune in and ask questions of we will have returning guests, creator of Swords & Wizardry +Matt Finch, White Star and The Hero's Journey creator +James Spahn. Additionally we will have +Charlie Mason, creator of the wildly popular "White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game. The Live Broadcast and Recording will be happening Saturday night (04/22) at 9:00 PM EST. I will have a post up on Saturday with links to the show. During the show we will be doing a drawing for our annual giveaways. I will have a post up on Friday for readers to register if they want to be in the drawing.

Speaking of the drawing, do you want to get your S&W compatible product some love and attention this Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day? A good way to do that is by donating copy or two. Yep, if you give away a copy of your product on the Broadcast, you will get a link in the DSR show notes as well as here on the blog. Double Dippin' Marketing for you. You can donate by emailing me at luxfaust@gmail.com by 3:00 PM EST, Friday April 21st. Use the Subject "S&W Giveway." You can't lose. So if you want to donate, or if you plan to do something else to celebrate our favorite clone check out the details right here. Help us to make this the best Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day yet.