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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Swords & Wizardry Complete Kickstarter Value

I've kept quiet on the blog regarding the S&W Kickstarter (though I have been posting and sharing on G+ and Facebook.) Well, after a conversation with +Bill Webb last week, I've decided to share something with those who may have missed what has turned into an insane value that Frog God Games is offering with this Kickstarter. I know there are folks that don't like the new cover, and they may have their reasons. Even to those in that camp I want you to take a look at what I'm about to share with you, because it could save you more money than backing at $1.00 and adding on later. With only 10 days left, this should be a serious consideration. What we're doing here is taking a look at where the Complete Gamer Package currently stands. What is the Complete Gamer Package?
Recieve a Hardcover +PDF copy of Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook, Monstrosities Hardcover +PDF, Cover Poster, Bill Webb's Deck of Dirty Tricks, Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks Softcover +PDF, MCMLXXV (1975) Softcover +PDF, Grimmsgate Softcover +PDF, The Five Maidens Softcover +PDF, Zaya’s Promise Softcover +PDF, +All unlocked physical and digital stretch goals!
That's a decent amount of stuff there. The extras above the book that are explicitly stated come to a value of $112.00. With the rulebook that brings us to $147.00. Doesn't quite hit the $225.00 price point for this backer level? Well, the key here is that last tidbit. +All unlocked physical and digital stretch goals!
Currently these are what have been unlocked:
Funding Level:
  • $15,000 - Everyone gets a free PDF of the Art Poster (book cover in 11x17")
  • $18,000 - Deck of Treasures becomes a free PDF and a $12 physical add on!
  • $21,000 - Deck of Spells becomes a free pdf or a $12 physical add on!
  • $24,000 - Deck of Hirelings becomes a free pdf or a $12 physical add on!
  • $27,000 - Deck of Encounters 1 becomes a free pdf or a $12 physical add on!

Number of Backers
  • 600 Backers - we reprint all 7 of the Hex Crawls for Kickstarter and make each available as a $10 softcover +PDF or a PDF only for $4!
  • 700 Backers - we reprint all 10 Splinters of Faith for Kickstarter and make each available as a $9 softcover +PDF or a PDF for only 4$!  
  • 800 Backers - we reprint all 5 One Night Stands for Kickstarter and make each available as a $10 softcover +PDF or a PDF for only $4!.
This skyrockets the value of this backer level. That's 22 free softcover modules from the "Number of Backers" adds alone ($210.00 total in modules alone, if you're counting.) So or total here in additional physical product is $258.00 of physical product. That alone is worth the $225.00 price point, but added with the $147 value of the items from the first lot, we sit at $405.00 in physical product. Yes. $405.00 for $225.00. It's worth the price if you are missing only half of these from your collection. What's more, if you were planning on adding most these to a $1.00 pledge, you're already making out by taking this package, even if you don't like the new cover. So, if you've wanted a lot of these add ons. This package is the way to go. Additionally, moving up to this package, whether your' back at $1.00 just to get add ons or $35.00 to get the core book plus add ons, backing at this level now, will get everyone even more add ons (assuming it causes us to hit more goals.) So what are you waiting for? Let's bump up our backer levels and get the best possible value out of this!