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Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year New Game Sale, With Lots of Old School Goodness! 25% Off Tons of Titles

So, it's the new year and OBS is running a huge sale with a ton of titles at 25% off (some more as you'll see below.) This is, of course, the annual New Year, New Game sale. I'll tell you what. this year they have some big Old School winners. These deals are running until 1/14. You can check it out for yourself by clicking on the banner below:

 I'd like to share some of my top picks from this list. Perusing it, I found some good prices and some GREAT deals.
White Box Games:
Let's start out with a few good deals on games based on White Box Swords & Wizardry.
White Star: Hey, either you own this, or you should be asking yourself "Why the hell don't I own this?" It's been one of the really big things in the OSR since +James Spahn released it back in May. If you don't have a copy you can pick it up right now for $7.49!
White Lies: Where White Star brings you Sci Fi via the elegance of the White Box system, White Lies brings you espionage. Remember playing Top Secret and 007 back in the day? Well, think about how much more game you could get out of that with the simplicity of White Box's rules. That is exactly what you get here. For the current price, there is no reason to not check it out.
Ruins & Ronin: This White Box based game has been around for a while, but right now you can get the Asian themed White Box hack for a paltry $1.50. This one is also nice if you would like to drop Asian flavor into an pre-existing White Box fantasy game.
Sine Nomine Publishing (AKA +Kevin Crawford rocks our socks.)
I cannot praise Kevin enough for the work he has put out. His games are an excellent example of what the DIY Old School community should be doing. I have yet to receive a product from Sine Nomine that does not hit (or even set) a gold standard. Right now all of his games are on sale. My top picks from Kevin are:
Silent Legions: OK, modern Weird Fiction/Horror rules that riff on Lovecraft AND can be used with old school D&D? Check. A system in the style of Call of Cthulhu but based upon old school D&D mechanics? Check. A system by which you easily create your own Mythos for either Silent Legions OR your fantasy RPG of choice? Check. A system to help create investigative adventures? Check. This one is clearly full of win.
Scarlet Heroes: This is likely my favorite product that Kevin has put out. If you like Red Tide or Asian themed settings get this book. If you want a one on one game of D&D with one player and one Ref., get this book. If you're looking for a simplified system to allow your players to have "skills" without being cumbersome to the game, get this book. Actually... if you game, get this book.
Spears of the Dawn: I have always felt that there was not enough material available for African based D&D. It's always been an "East/West" thing with the Middle East thrown in sometimes. Well, this product fixes that, giving us Old School D&D with African flavor! From the product page:

In this complete game in a single volume, you'll find...

  •   A complete African-inspired campaign setting
  •   Old-school compatible classes for ngangas, griots, and marabouts
  •   New spells, magic items, and foes from African mythology
  •   Focused GM tools for building sandbox campaigns
  •   Tools for managing the background strife of restless kingdoms
  •   Resource tables, unkeyed maps, adventure creation tools, and more!

Spears of the Dawn is an African-inspired game built with the free, award-winning Stars Without Number system. Within this book you will find all the tools needed for adventuring in the wild and brooding Three Lands, where the bones of ancient Obas rest uneasy in cities of stone and blighted memory. Dare the tombs of the bitter Eternal and the courts of leopard-mantled kings to find the wealth of a new world!
Chaosium Era Pendragon!
King Arthur Pendragon: 1st Edition: When it comes to Pendragon, it doesn't get any more Old School than the Chaosium Boxed set rules. They go for insane amounts in print online, but, if you've been itching to try this game out and want an early edition, the PDFs can be had for $7.49 while the sale goes on. By and far, my favorite version of the game.
Early Pendragon Bundle: Already know you like Chaosium Pendragon and want to build your early era collection? This bundle is where it's at, especially at the current sale price of 50% off! That's over 20 Pendragon books at 50% of normal price, including the aforementioned boxed set! If you're a fan of the game, this is an absolute steal!
There you have it. You have 7 days from this posting to take advantage of this amazing sale!