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Friday, November 13, 2015

U-Con Special Release From Goodman Games!

Good afternoon! U-Con is one week away! Online Registration is now closed, but you can still show up and register at the door!
I'm happy to announce that we have a special U-Con release from Goodman that will debut at the convention. Dungeon Crawl Classic #84.2: Synthetic Swordsmen of the Purple Planet by our Goodman Games Industry Insider +Jim Wampler! The module will be available for purchase, and Jim will be available for autographs! Note that this is the same DCC game that Jim is running as Skymasters of the Purple Planet, so if you are playing Skymasters, you are playing this special release!
From Goodman Games:
Hello, Purple Planet fans!
There are many adventures still to be had on the Purple Planet. Such as this one! Visit the Goodman Games booth at U-Con (Nov. 20-22 in Ypsilanti, MI) to pick up your copy and have it autographed by author Jim Wampler!
Dungeon Crawl Classics #84.2: Synthetic Swordsmen of the Purple Planet
When even the native lifeforms of the Purple Planet begin to wither and die under the weirdling sun’s punishing rays, you and your party of interplanetary freebooters quickly conclude that something is going wrong with the very sky above your heads. What ancient mysteries lie in wait for you at the planet’s northern pole, as you explore the timeworn and failing biosphere plant found sprawling there amongst the ice peaks? Will you save your harsh but adopted home, or hasten its eventual doom?
This adventure features new background material that expands the campaign setting, including a new House of Ascended Masters, new weapons and ancient technology to plunder, and a surprising new species of Kith warriors.
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