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Monday, November 30, 2015

U-Con OSR Track Retrospectives

Well, both U-Con and Thanksgiving are behind us. U-Con was great this year. The OSR track did tremendously well. I'm not doing a full retrospective this year, but I'll let some of the attendees and guests give you their experiences, via links below. First, I would like to give many thanks to some of the folks that helped to make it a great weekend. I'd like to thank our guest of honor +Bill Webb for coming out and our insider +Jim Wampler as well. It was great having the both of you. I would like to thank both +Bill Barsh and returning panelist +Tim Snider for coming out and sitting on the OSR panel, which is now ready to be downloaded over on Save or Die! The panel/round table format did well again this year. I would also like to thank the Refs/Judges/GMs that came out, and I know I might not have everyone here, but here's a try. Thank you +Adam Muszkiewicz, +Clayton Williams, +Laura Rose Williams, +Andrew Moss, +Follow Me, And Die!, +Forest Ray (doubly so for making OSR Swag for the refs.) and all of the other OSR GMs. We can't run the track without you. I would also like to thank +Roy Snyder and +Doug Kovacs for coming out and setting up an awesome booth in the vendor room (and also for a fun time for the short while I played in Dougs spur of the moment game on Friday night.) Last, but not least, I would like to give a big thank you to our track sponsor +John Reyst of Open Gaming, without whom we wouldn't have had the funding to bring in Bill and Jim. Thank you all!
Below is a series of links to get an idea of how the weekend went!

Tales of Aeril

Tim Snider - Day 0

Tim Snider - Day 1

Tim Snider - Day 2

Tim Snider - Day 3

Larry Hamilton

From Clayton Williams G+ post:

We made it back from our first U-Con! We are exhausted, but fulfilled. U-Con left us with a warm sense of satisfaction and community provided by those who brought a wide breadth of personality, creativity, and kindness. I was impressed and glad to see the turnout from the OSR community at large.  It will be hard to summarize all the great experiences and people, but I will try!

1.) I was very happily surprised to join an impromptu session run by Bill Webb the night before the convention with comrades such as +Adam Muszkiewicz  (with support from mini Muszkiewicz), +Nicole Lindroos, +Tim Snider, +R.J. Thompson, and +Laura Rose Williams. It was a good time with a lot of laughs. Not every game features naked beetle riding checks and glow in the dark goo.

2.) A HUGE highlight of my day on Friday was being able to see a panel of OSR leaders and icons (Bill Webb, +Jim Wampler, +Tim Snider, Bill Barsh, +John Reyst) talk about past, present, and future RPG topics as they relate to cities and towns. The gleeful way in which they described how concepts have evolved over the years provided for both an interesting listen as well as a wealth of GM tools and resources. It made you want to be a kid again as they remembered old stories and players from the early days of gaming. Bill also subtly let us know there is a kickstarter that just started that relates:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/froggodgames/the-lost-lands-the-blight-richard-petts-crooked-ci. I would also like to thank the hosts +Adam Muszkiewicz  and +R.J. Thompson  for the event.

3.) I was able to participate in a playthrough of Titansgrave as GM’d by the talented +Nicole Lindroos  (Blue Rose -
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/504269797/blue-rose-the-age-roleplaying-game-of-romantic-fan). There was plenty of adventure, intrigue, and doughnuts to be found in the wastelands that day.

4.) I was also able to be a player in a game with +R.J. Thompson  He pitted brick, mortar, alligators, and much more against us in ..... It Lurks Below. You know it gets exciting when your thief kills your cleric (+James DeYonke)

5.) I made room for other players in a game ran by +Pete Schwab. I was happy to see his table overflowing with players. I will catch you next time Pete. This did allow me to jump into a Cryptworld game (Unquenchable) run by +Tim Snider . It was a great horror adventure that had us all on our toes for what was around the next corner. I would also like to think myself and +Follow Me, And Die! - Larry helped to keep Tim on his toes too. I mean who throws wolf carcasses. I also was happy with the d100/percentile roll system the game used. 1 chart and a pair of d10s is all you needed. If you like horror, post-apocalypse, and a simple mechanic system please check out more from Tim at

6.) We Hate Bards (
wehatebards.blogspot.com), what more can I say?! These are a great group of GM’s that put together fun sessions for all and bring PERSONALITY to the table. You will be challenged, You will probably die, but you will be smiling. I played 3 games (wished there was time for more), D20 Space Marines with Matt, Kobolds with Cris, Random Dungeon of Death with Luke.

7.) I got to check out Games-on-Demand, a new feature to U-Con that has potential. Roger introduced me to BEAR FORCE a Fate game that combines my love of the 80s cartoon GI-Joe and Bears!

8.) Every CON needs that crazy time, that time when you are pulled into something new. Something weird or strange and definitely out of your comfort zone. The CON AFTERDARK. Where you drink your drink and enjoy the ride wherever it goes. I had that (and look forward to it again).  I had an impromptu DCC session run by +Doug Kovacs  . I say run by, but what I really mean is Doug placed us in a world, a scene, too hardcore for HBO or anything you could or should film, but we rose to the challenge. We pulled up our pants (some of us) and faced off against the slutvonians and dredd sexbots to party another day. Doug also allowed for several GM swap ins by +Roy Snyder and +Andrew Moss. It was great! Fellow trippers included +Pete Schwab,  +Laura Rose Williams, and Kevin W. (See more into the mind and inspiration of Doug here
http://www.dougkovacs.com/ or in numerous DCC adventures.) (http://www.goodman-games.com/)

9.) I was able to run 2 playthroughs of my own DCC module, High Tide at GonGoLoor Bay. It was a great time! I was challenged, my players were challenged, and there was a lot of death. My highlight as a GM was when one of my players decided he wanted to go into the cave that was barred and locked tight with plenty of narrative that said this not the place to go, but when he rolls a natural 20 with a strength bonus as a peasant, you let him go. My players entered the sucking pit of nastiness (yes, title needs work, or maybe it doesn’t) where they we set upon by several leeches and I almost had a TPK which would have been great. So.. ok moving on….no wait... same player “I want to search”. (I have nothing written for the room to be found. It is just suppose to be a room of death) Ok, give me a search using your luck….1….its a 1 ….he beat his luck by 13... I roll up a  +1 intelligent short sword for him that is a holy sword to turn undead. This is all before the final big baddy battle. GM wipes forehead.
Players included +Edward Kabara

It was a great CON and I hope to see you all again there next year!