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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

State of the Blog Address (Or Keeping Up With This Guy...)

So, many of you may have noticed a distinct lack of blogging over the past month or so. You deserve an explanation. This time of year gets pretty busy for me as it is, with my kid returning to school and U-Con scheduling, but this year we are also moving. For about a month we've been prepping, and in the past two weeks seriously prepping for the move. Painting the girls' rooms, tearing up old carpet, moving smallish things and odds & ends. For a while now my schedule has been, get up, go to work, go home, pack, move stuff/get new house ready. In between this I've been getting some level of work done for the convention. After having a few good sessions in the new Keep on the Borderlands game (more on that later) we had to go on hiatus again for the move. Luckily, the final move (furniture etc.) is this Saturday! After that there should be some adjustment/unpacking time and things should get back to normal.
What does that mean for the future? More time for games and more time to generate content (both game content and blog content.) For the blog, I intend to get an "Octhorror" post up at least once a week for the month of October, leading up to Halloween/Hallows. I've done it in the past with Hump-Day Hildebrandt stuff. This year I plan on some content and some Appendix Nspiration stuff. Be on the lookout for that. Additionally, expect some reports on how things are going in the B2 campaign, including some info I owe you from the past couple of sessions.
As far as actual content. Due to several things, I'm moving away from having things in the "Goldenrod Conventions/Guides" pdfs. There may be some PDFs in the future, but I'm now looking at a different sort of product. A bigger fuller product. It may be a while in coming, but I believe it will be called "Gateway to Adventure." I intend for this to be in the vein of "Goldenrod Guides: a Guide to Combat for Swords & Wizardry," But as a complete guide, with rulings for many applications including alternates and new classes, races etc.
If you want to see what you can expect from my optional rules ahead of time the Guide to Combat is still available and can be purchased direct through Open Gaming, using the link on the right hand side of this page OR if you have an account it can now be purchased at: