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Monday, September 28, 2015

My Love of the Lost Lands and Frog God Games' The Northlands Saga Kickstarter

Time to show a little love for our friends over at Frog God Games. After all +Bill Webb and +Matt Finch are both great guys and FGG happens to publish our favorite clone. They have a Kickstarter running for the latest and greatest piece of the Lost Lands setting adventures. Scratch that. This is more like a mega adventure. Looks like this thing will be close to the size of "The Slumbering Tsar Saga." Now, it's no secret that I'm a fan of FGG and the Lost Lands. As a setting, The Lost Lands currently sits among my favorite published setting. It's right up there with The Wilderlands, The Misty Isles, and Greyhawk in my opinion, and I should know, I ran a 3 year campaign in it. As, I believe, the name implies this setting is what a certain "Realms" setting should have been had it not gotten bogged down with cannon to rival the actual history of our own planet.

The Lost Lands presents the campaign setting right. That is to say, as a skeletal frame work presented through modules, giving lots of wiggle room for the referee to play, without ruining play by forcing the ref to become a historian and anthropologist regarding the setting. This hits home right now having jut read +Joseph Bloch's post on showing, rather than telling, in the context of presenting a usable campaign world. If you haven't check out the latest Lost Lands Kickstarter, The Northlands Saga, or you have yet to check out The Lost Lands at all, this is likely a great place to start. The Kickstarter is in it's final days. You can choose from Swords & Wizardry or Pathfinder versions. You can take part in this KS RIGHT HERE.

Where raging storms sent by malevolent spirits of the Ginnungagap howl from the Far North and bury steadings and towns alike under several feet of snow, while unnamed things of tooth and shadow hunt those who dare to emerge and brave the cold. Where the blood of fighting men and women sings in harmony with the death cries of the spear-din, and the clash of wood and steel when the shield walls meet. Where enchantments older than the race of Men linger in barrow fields and primeval forests waiting to ensnare the unwary or the foolish. This is the realm of the Norns, where they measure and cut the threads of a man’s wyrd. This is the Northlands.