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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Gaming Involuntary Hiatus...

Summer is here again. With it came a wedding that needed performing and lots more time that the kiddo isn't in school (and therefore is up later at night.) That said, not much of it (outside of the wedding) should have interfered with gaming. But, gaming has been sparse since about mid May. 
In May +Crystal Summerfield and I decided we needed to kick off our relationship mentioned here. She also joined our Friday night group. I have since moved the Friday night group playing C&C in the Lost Lands to a bi-weekly game out of a desire to play. Every other week my good friend Jon is running a 5E game in which I play a paladin whose faith is strongly based upon medieval Moorish practices. 
This should all be well and good. Except... we have since played my game exactly once and played only one real session of the 5E campaign. Summer. Schedules. Bleh.
I also decided to run a Monday night game on G+ through the summer only. This was going to be Swords & Wizardry, plus Goldenrod and I was going to run Keep on the Borderlands (I shouldn't be using past tense here, as this is still happening.) Last night was to be our first session of this. Unfortunately we were faced with drama on two fronts. We decided to wade through the drama and begin playing anyway. Then we discovered that a player was sick and couldn't play. Three strikes and your out, right? Yeah. We cancelled. We SHOULD be playing this next week. Also on the 10th we SHOULD be returning to the 5E campaign, and the following week returning to C&C.
Additionally, many of the same issues that have withheld actual gaming, have also put a wrench in getting much writing done in the second installment of Goldenrod. I have some stuff. I need TIME to finish up new spells. This, I should be able to work on a bit the next few evenings, hopefully.
There were a couple of one off highlights in there. Crystal and I played a one on one session of TSRs old "The Gem and the Staff" module last week. A few weeks before that, she got to play through some of "Tomb of Horrors" for the first time. So, there has been some gaming goodness in there.
All said and done, I need to get back to a regular game pretty soon.
That's it. Just a rambling post about not much. Still, I got to post.