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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Playing Catch Up and Shouting Out

Hi, Everybody!

You may have noticed a lack of posts, including the regular Hump-day Hildebrandt update. Work was a killer the past couple of weeks, as the person that essentially serves as my assistant was on vacation in Europe, leaving me with two jobs. That said, in that time I had to make sacrifice to keep on keeping on with Goldenrod.  A couple weeks before all of this, I made a mistake and posted to the internet that this thing was about ready to go, but that I was willing to hear people out and take requests if there were specific combat related rules that they might like to see.  I took them ALL on.  Good thing I'm not running a Kickstarter here.  One requested rule seemed very cool to me, rules for dueling.  So, I set about making a set of dueling rules based upon historical fencing and dueling.  I've run through 6 systems to this point, but finally made a set that works well without being too attached to the standard combat system.  That is the last piece of the puzzle.  I'll be editing that and DONE with this particular booklet.  This slim booklet now clocks in several thousand words greater than any of the things +John Reyst asked me for.  I'm glad he's putting up with me and my obsessive niggling of my own work.  What you can expect out of this is some of my own house rules, some things that are rooted in AD&D, but can be made to work well within the confines of OD&D/Swords & Wizardry, some things that are adapted to a D&D play style from other early RPGs and some things that look like they belong in a late 60s/early 70s table top war game.  All options that are completely modular and can be added to your OSR game without having to worry about any of the rest.  Still, there are some that blend well with others and come with suggestions as to how I use them, use them in my earlier D&D days or will be using them with future games at my own table.   I may get a sample rule from the booklet up here to show you what you'll be getting around the time that John get's it up for purchase on the SRD site.

Now for the shout outs.

In other news, a couple of folks that are tied to the Gamers & Grognards family have gotten around to bloggin.  The first of which is +Reece PC with Tales of Aeril.  This is a combination of Reece putting up random tables and talking about his descent from being a 3.X DM to being an OSR Ref.  I ran Reece through his first session of Swords & Wizardry a while back at U-Con, though I didn't know it at the time.  Apparently I made an impact (though I believe he was moving in this direction at the time anyway.)  Check out his blog.  At the time of this posting he already has 2 random tables up (and they're pretty cool.)  They do reference a couple of 3.X manuals, but for the most part there are equivalents on old school sources.  It's well worth a look.

My old friend and gaming buddy +Joe Zanetti has also started a new blog.  His is not related to gaming, but should be of interest to at least half of my audience.  Let me tell you, no one loves Weird Fiction more than Joe.  Joe has started a new blog reviewing Weird Fiction.  If you have any interest in the subject, start following.  I have spent many nights discussing the philosophy put forth in weird fiction (both the old guard Chambers/Lovecraft and the new writers) with Joe.  He knows his stuff, and has a fair hand when it comes to criticizing literary works.  If you like Weird Fiction and Horror in any capacity, give Musing From the Outer Worlds a shot.

erm... uh... The end?