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Monday, June 30, 2014

Gamers & Grognards Dungeons & Dragons Unboxing Event

Good evening all.  This is a little post to let all of my Michigan OSR folks know that this Saturday July 5th, I intend to do a live unboxing and critique of the new D&D Starter Set.   I'm very interested in doing my own quick look to see how this thing holds up to OSR standards and tastes, as WOTC seems to keep targeting us, and from what I am hearing, it sounds like that have taken some of our own rules and tweaked them.  I also want to tape this and post the video here if at all possible.  Essentially I want the event to be gamers opening a box and having a fun doing so, whether we like the contents or not, I'm sure we can have a good time with it or at it's expense, and some good talk as well.  Now, I have chosen to do this at store that doesn't pander to OSR folks, but is partially owned by a good friend of mine.  I owe him a visit, so this is it.  If you want to come by for the broadcast be at Warriors 3 Comics & Games in downtown Wayne, MI this Saturday at 4:00 P.M.  Also, if there are any volunteers our there to run the camera (if I can wrangle a decent camera) it would be appreciated.  Hope to see you there!