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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hump-day Hildebrandt: Sorcerer's Cauldron and An Idea For Running Scarlet Heroes

Life continues to be busy.  Meanwhile my creative gaming juices keep flowing.  Unfortunately I haven't had much outlet.  My weekly game hasn't run in a month at this point.  On the upside, I now have a copy of Scarlet Heroes which will allow me more play time for the limited time that I have.  Last week Jon and I began our first one on one session.  I have to say, I like the innovations that the game makes for running standard modules on a one on one basis.  I like the one on one rules period.  It's a very good game and I have to tip my had to +Kevin Crawford for creating it.  

Jon and I have an idea on how we're going to run this so we both get play time in.  We will both be GM and player in a shared world and shared story.  I will run for him one or two sessions, then he will run one or two for me.   All the while we will be riffing off of the other's story/location/npc's to create a shared story.  Our characters might never meet, but their actions in this sandbox will affect the life of the other in some way.  It should be an interesting experiment.

Well, it's Wednesday, and that means back to editing some Petty Gods entries for me.