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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Updates and Celebrations - 40 Years of D&D Celebration Re-cap and my New 40th Anniversary Campaign

This Blog (not really) brought to you by the "So You Want To Be An OSR Superstar?" competition, hosted by Tenkar's Tavern.  You can learn more about this contest here.  Needless to say I have a couple of submissions in already.

My celebration day for the 40th Anniversary of D&D and RPG's went off pretty well a couple weeks back.  Man, I really meant to write about this sooner.  Anyway, we managed to get two games in at Warriors 3 Comics & Games.  +Shane Harsch and +James DeYonke  both managed to make it out, along with several of my good friends and a few new ones as well.  

The first game was mine, in which I ran Tomb of Horrors using OD&D.  It went off well, if not deadly enough.  I had fun with it, but I think it's time to retire that old standby for a bit.  Many people that play when I run it have played before, so it becomes less lethal.  Other folks that come to play for the first time are aware of the module's reputation, and so are equally cautious.  Either way, we all had fun playing, I believe, even if we only had one fatality, and one character get warped back to the beginning of the dungeon, nude and lacking equipment.

The evening game was run by Shane, who twisted things up a bit.  He ran Ghost Tower of Inverness, but not on any form of D&D or clone.  He converted the module over to FATE.  I, of course played in this one and had a pretty damned good time.  There was a lot in that module that I had forgotten about.  I'll tell you one thing, while it was recognizable, it was definitely different playing with a system that wasn't some form of D&D.  It made the whole experience a bit fresh.  It was also nice, as I have been meaning to test drive FATE for some time now.  That said, I want to try the system in genre's other than D&D style fantasy.  From what I saw of it, I think it would shine in either a modern scenario or a sci-fi game.

Rambling here.  Next up, once a month, as I believe I mentioned here, I will be playing in my good friend Jon's Numenera campaign.   Well, I started thinking, and thought of a good solution to a problem that I have.  See I've been itching to run a game that is a mash up of the things I dig about multiple D&Ds and Clones.  I've primarily wanted it to be a take on AD&D 1st and 2nd mashed up and houseruled with rules that I love from some of my favorite clones.  Well, I haven't wanted to eat into my regular Friday C&C game, because that campaign is coming along splendidly and everyone seems to have a great time when we play.  However, I'm also playing/running too many "once a month" games to justify taking up another evening.  

Solution?  Jon's game will always take place at a time that I can be there (meaning that my daughter is either with her mother or being watched by someone else for that particular day.)  That said I put my feelers out to see if anyone would be interested in an afternoon game on that same day every month.  The verdict?  I have a once a month group that is totaling 7 - 9 players!  We will be using 2nd Edition options to create characters, but the game play itself will be more along the lines of 1st Edition.  I believe that more than half of the current group have never played either incarnation of Advanced, so it should be a fun experience.

I've made the decision that this campaign will take place in the same world as my C&C "Lost Lands" campaign, but begin in a different region.  The players will, when in civilization, be able to here news about what is going on in Bard's Gate and the surrounding regions in the regular Friday night game.  That makes this an extension (or part of?) the weekly campaign, I suppose.  Same campaign different systems?  I'll have to contemplate this on the Tree of Woe.  Anyway, this Saturday marks the first session (and also happens to be my birthday, so that's a pretty alright gift.)  We will be creating characters and, time permitting, running a short tutorial adventure.  This session will bring the characters to the true starting point of the campaign: Saltmarsh.  

It is my intention to use several old modules for this campaign.  Low level will start with the "U" series.  After that, we'll see what the players want to do versus which mods I intend to send them towards.  All of that said, I want to give these players a good and open experience without railroading them into anything I want to play.  I think with this being once a month, I'll actually be able to re-cap here.  I look forward to it.