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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump-day Hildebrandt

Here is Tim Hildebrandt's "The Chronicler's."  I can't write much more, as I've been spending some time on some much needed gaming projects.  I'm taking a short break from "The Black Book of Faust" since it seems that +James Raggi has a ton on his plate at the moment with the various crowdfunded projects that have recently been released, plus those modules that are still coming.  I'll take my time with that one and make it great before I get it off to him so he can give it a proper look over, and I can be satisfied with my work.  Until I get back to that, I have a dungeon that I've been wanting to put back together for a while and publish.  I'm also working on that series of blogs about alignment that I mentioned last week.  There's also something that I work on every once and a while that I've recently added to.  It's primarily a collection of house rules and ideas that I play around with.  I've been thinking about maybe polishing it up and trying to publish it.  Now, I think we have enough clones out there to keep us busy for a while, so I don't want this to be it's own game.  Rather I would like to get it written up as a set of modular rules that can plug into any clone (possibly even some modern games.)  I see it as something universal that should work with any system based off of D&D.  In fact, as certain project that I was excited about way back here has been rolled into it.  The encumbrance rules themselves would have not made for the greatest reading on their own merit.  The working title at present that I'm saving all of these files in is "Goldenrod."  Well, I have to get back to work, enjoy!