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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Forty Years of D&D, A Celebration and Some Random Talk

So, I missed the boat.  I know.   Sunday was D&D's 40th Anniversary (official unofficial.)  Sunday I was watching my daughter.  I post nothing and didn't get a game in. We did play Kings Quest V together, so that's something.  I also started a game of Eye of the Beholder, but no table top happened.

As far as I'm concerned that is somewhat OK.  That's because I intend to celebrate this entire year. That starts (with any luck) this weekend running some classic modules.  Tomb of Horrors run using OD&D is on the table at for this at present. Possibly followed by White Plume Mountain.  +Shane Harsch is planning on running Hidden Shrine of  Tamoachan using FATE as the rules engine.  At this point it looks like my thing for D&D's Birthday is going to be a decent little shindig.  We even have someone this cat bringing some nice grub. It will be held at Warriors 3 Comics & Games in Wayne Michigan this Saturday afternoon, presuming that my daughter is still has a solid sitter that afternoon.

It should be a fun time.  I know I'll have several people that I get to run through the Tomb for their very first time!  Most of those will also be OD&D vigins, so I'm a bit stoked about that.

In other news, I'm back to writing The Black Book of Faust, and I'm stoked about that as well.  I intend to complete (my end) of at least two Old School Gaming products this year, the first of which will be the aforementioned LotFP book.  The second project is one pretty near and dear to me.  That will be the publication of a dungeon that the group I played with in high school had the pleasure of playing through many times in different incarnations.  The Lair of the Brigands, also known as the Brigand Cave was a recurring dungeon back then.  It was always similar, but never quite the same.  In the tradition of what I ran back then, I want to give other groups a similar experience with the module.  My intent is to publish a finished dungeon with built in randomizers.  That meaning there will be areas that will be rolled on a series of tables within the module so that the dungeon will never be the same twice!  I already my my interior artist, Chris, ready to roll, and he's great.  I intend to get some of his work up here someday, as he's pretty good and deserves to be shared with the world.  Well, I'll update on how my Birthday Party for D&D goes as well as plans and progress on these projects.  Remember, in the 40th year...

Be Excellent To Each Other and always...
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