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Sunday, August 18, 2013

2nd Annual Obligatory Not At Gen Con Post

I suppose this will be a thing for me now.  Posting about not having been at Gen Con (and yes, I am aware that I came late to the game and it has ended at the time of this posting) will be an annual thing (unless of course I get up to Gen Con one of these days.)  Despite not going I had a very productive weekend on the gaming and sci-fantasy front.  

Friday night kicked off with our usual game night playing my Castles & Crusades Stoneheart Valley/Rappan Athuk campaign.   I am very pleased with how the campaign has worked itself out over the past year and a quarter that it has been running.  We recently (just over a month ago) lost a great player in the campaign due to a mandatory move out of state for work reasons.  However, I am very pleased as over the past few weeks we have regained three players that had left for various reasons (the third returning just this past Friday.)  A few weeks prior we also regained one of the campaign's founding members (who in reality had been playing occasional solo quests with me when time permitted to keep up on the plot and in level.)  The campaign, overall, is doing quite well being a blend of classic judgement crawl and business/society management.  The players have been buying up businesses and property in Bard's Gate for some time now, and that has led to a very interesting game.

Saturday was highly eventful as my daughter went to spend the night at my parent's house.  I went to have some initial work done on a tattoo that I have been wanting for some time.  The work is actually being done by a friend and player from my games.  He is exceptionally talented when it comes to translating comic, animation and I venture to guess will be good at early era TSR D&D art as well.  The piece that I am currently having done, however, is not directly related.  He is doing something that I have wanted for quite a long time, that being the "classic image" of Necron 99/Peace from Ralph Bakshi's Wizards.  The image I am having done (with now has linework, black shading and Peace's red uniform complete) is the image seen in the movie poster.  Thus far the image is amazing.  I will have pictures up when it is completed, until then I will give you a look at the poster and DVD covers that it is based upon.

Following a few hours of tattoo work, those present ordered pizza and we kicked off a sporadic "when we have time for this" Mutant Future campaign that we have all been looking forward to for some time now.  That went swimmingly well and the first session was an absolute blast.  That said, I need to make reference sheets for all of the tables so that I don't have so much page flipping to do during the game.  The game is a sandbox set in the region of the Great Lakes "after the bomb."  I am very pleased with it.

Today ended the weekend as I have a great groups of buddies who opted to go see Kick-Ass 2, which also did not disappoint.  I won't post any spoilers here though!  All in all, this was a near perfect old school gaming weekend for me!  Hope you had fun at Gen Con, if you attended.