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Monday, July 29, 2013

Dragon Kings Updates and Crowd Participation

These images are two possibilities for the cover of the main "Dragons Kings" setting book.  At present, the black outline seems to be the winner, and I agree with that judgement.  This was posted to the "Dragon Kings" pages on G+ and Facebook on Friday and voting commenced.  This morning A new vote was posted, along with a little inside look at part of a map by none other than +Alyssa Faden.  The font used on said map can be voted on here.  Alyssa's involvement was announced on the Dragon Kings Project website on July 9th.  Three other notable folks were added to the roster of this massive undertaking as well.  Namely award winning composer Frank Klepacki, veteran game designer Thomas Reid and former Queensryche guitarist Mike Stone. 

In addition the first two game systems supported by the "rules PDFs" have been announced.  These being Savage Worlds and Pathfinder.  It is worth noting that Reid will be heading up the Pathfinder Rules PDF.  But as this is an OSR blog, I'm sure that you're wondering if any retro-clones or other old school games will be supported.  While I don't have confirmation right now, it does look as if someone might be working on a clone variation.

If you aren't familiar with this project and all that it entails click the here below and be transported to Khitus!