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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gamers & Grognards Summer Classic Challenge

So, yesterday I posted about this year's Michicon and how I was going to label my classic game at it the "Gamers & Grognards Summer Classic."  Sounds cool enough.  Since then I have had one person genuinely interested in getting another "classic" (read as Old School) game going.  So, here is the "challenge."  I would like to try to get at least five such games going this year, we had more at U-con last year, but U-con is a bigger event.  

Here is my call to your Michigan (and nearby) old schoolers.)  Let's submit and try to get at least 5 games in to Michicon under the "Summer Classic" heading.  Criteria being that these are either classic games (2E Era or before and need not be D&D related: Chill, Classic Battletech, Top Secret, Boot Hill, etc. would all acceptable,) retro-clone or classic module.  In other words it needs to be "Old School" or "Classic" in some form.  Present your game to me and send it in to Michicon submissions MDGGamingEvents@gmail.com  (request that they list it as part of the Summer Classic.)  As A side note, I don't think they yet know what the Summer Classic is, as I only created this yesterday.

On another note, I have already started trying to get some swag for Summer Classic GM's to hand out.  If we get more games approved and running that might increase our chances at getting the swag for our players.