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Monday, March 4, 2013


Yes, today marks the fifth year since the passing one of the forefathers our our hobby.  Not a day to be sad, but a day to remember the joy that he brought to us through our shared game, whatever edition.  It is also a day to pay tribute to one of the key men who brought our game to the forefront.  I was planning on doing a post of this nature today, linking back to the memorial fund.  I think there is a better way to remember our collective sire this year, however.  A you may have known, Gary's eldest son lost his home and all of his possessions in a fire just weeks ago.  I urge you to donate to help get Ernie Gary Gygax Jr. back up and on his feet!  If you wish to help out you can donate through Paypal at ErniesTrust@GygaxMagazine.com.   It is also fairly well known that at this time there is a going to be an auction to help out at Garycon this month.

 Luke Gygax :

Many thanks to Tim Kask

He is digging deep to help raise money for my brother Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. who lost everything in a recent house fire. I appreciate the many people that are donating items to the Gary Con Auction for Ernie e as well: Jeff Easley, Erol Otus, Rob Kuntz, Frank Mentzer, Tom Wham, Jeffrey P. Talanian and others.

If you have the means this year, honor Gary Gygax by helping and honoring his son.

In honor of Gary, I close with a link to Stephen Chenault's memories of Gary: Remembering Gary

7/27/1938 - 3/4/2008