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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Petition to Re-print Heroquest

I have just received word that someone in my neck of the woods has made a petition on change.org to get Hasbro/Milton Bradley to re-print Heroquest.  Who remembers Heroquest?  I still have a copy, in fact we had a small campaign a few years ago, maybe '09 or '10?  Either way, I still love the game.  Not as much as rpg's but it's a great, kick in the door board game.  As you know, I have written, a small bit about how Slick Rick and I, played the entire first quest book in under two days, back in our early gaming days here.  So, when I heard that someone had started a petition to bring it back, I was intrigued.  After all, we are talking about a company that owns the company that just re-released Dungeon!  and old D&D books and modules.  If they think there is a desire for this, they might just do it.  I see one issue that could arise.  That being that, I am pretty sure that Heroquest was properly the IP of Games Workshop, as I am nearly certain that it took place in the "Old World."  However, it is an exciting prospect, and I would like to see it supported again!

If you are interested the petition can be found here.