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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New-Old Campaign Setting or the Obligatory OSR Commentary Regarding WOTC's Forgotten Realms Announcement

Well, I've made my commentary (albeit brief) regarding the re-release of the D&D/TSR back catalog.  Now it's time to tackle the other "shocker."  What was the neglected campaign setting that we were promised would be re-visited in D&D Next?  Forgotten Realms.  Shock and awe.  Now, I had to take a step back and give another listen to this when I heard the news, only because we already knew that WOTC  was going to be using the Realms as the backdrop for the new edition!  My question of course being, why were we told about the announcement in a way that made it seem like we were looking at the support of a second campaign world?  I won't go into the details that have been discussed regarding this elsewhere, as you can read that... well, elsewhere.

My thing here is, this doesn't excite me, not a bit.  Forgotten Realms is OK, but is fairly bland.  It is a a typical fantasy world.  Great.  If I'm going for that flavor, my preference is for Greyhawk.  Again, I don't thing the Realms are bad, but I won't be running a campaign in one any time soon.  Personally, I figure that Greyhawk would have been the way to go for a default setting, but hey, that's me.  If not Greyhawk, then no given setting and give the players a small area to get sandboxy with.  This might all just be me.  To tell the truth,  I really don't recall where I was going with any of this.  Anyhow, I was expecting WOTC, based upon their announcement about support of a classic campaign, to pick up something that had been neglected for a while.  Greyhawk at the least, but I was really hoping for Al Qadim, Spelljammer, Planescape or Blackmoor.  Oh well.  The Realms it is.

And now for something completely different (sort of.)

In truth, based on what I've seen in the playtests, I will likely not be switching systems up and thus this won't affect me too much anyhow.  However, as far as the playtest material goes, it seems to me like quite a bit of what I'm seeing may be able to "plug & play" with certain clones.  That I'm liking.  That means that even if Next isn't my game of choice, I might be able to drag & drop what I like from it's supplements into may games.  That's always good.  In fact, that is what I love about using Castles & Crusades.  The system is so "plug-in play" that you can pull anything from other D&D sources and make it work.  It seems to me that this is what Next will look like as well.  Anyhow, that's my two cents.  I was a bit random & short today, but there you have it.