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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Gamer Shirts

Here are a few of our latest offerings over at the Gamers & Grognards Zazzle store.  You can get to the store by clicking the little image of Grognard the Dragon found on this page.

This shirt features a woodcut of Vlad the Impaler and says:  "Chaotic Evil Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry."  It could make a great gift for the GM in your life.

Inspired by a conversation in Facebook's "Old School Gamers" group as well as every time you have ever ridden on a boat in a gaming session, ever, come this T-shirt.  Also featuring a woodcut, this time of a giant octopus attacking a ship.  States: "The boat... it is always attacked by octopuses."

Check out the store  for these and many other offerings!