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Friday, July 13, 2012

Rappan Athuk Castles & Crusades Campaign - 3

The third session of the Rappan Athuk campaign was slightly shorter than the rest, as two new players joined and had to create characters.  The new characters were a human monk and an elven ranger.  The monk was walking the earth (as Kung Fu, has taught me that monks do) and met the ranger on the road to Malforten.  The ranger, being a member of the Farseekers of Twilight, was sent to Malforten to investigate a gnoll deserter and his companions who had recently fled the gnoll king's court north of Bard's Gate.  The Farseekers leaders being concerned about what the deserters could be up to, not wanting a Gnoll Faction war to erupt in the region.  

The two arrived in Malforten and learned much the same information gathered by the prior party.  They also learned of Lucien and found him before executing his plan to follow Amanda Rhyan.  The two decided to journey into the woods with Lucien to uncover the truth about what Amanda was up to.  As it turned out, she was doing exactly what she said she was.  They found Amanda in the woods speaking with the fey, not with goblins or gnolls.  The faery folk fled upon the approach of the party.

Amanda explained that since the times when darkness had covered the lands surrounding Malforten, the fey had been suspicious of humans and demi-humans and so, with the help of Freya, she was attempting to make an uneasy peace with them to save the villagers any trouble.  With this lead being a dead end the party headed to the local pub where the drank, while the monk played flute along with the local bard.  Our ranger met an interesting fellow, while waiting for a drink at the bar, by the name of Ian Meanz.  He was suspicious of Ian and so acted friendly toward him while getting him drunk and extracting information.  He was able to gather that the man was a thief and wanted in the north (both Bard's Gate and Reme) for steeling the Duke's crown (and seducing the Duke's wife... in order to get the crown.)  He confessed that he still had the crown, as he had to flee and there were no black markets in the backwater region surrounding Malforten to sell the thing.  He also admitted to stealing offerings left by Amanda Rhyan and the villagers.  The party made the decision to apprehend Ian and take him to Reme for the bounty.  

They coaxed Ian outside (mind you that all had been drinking save for the monk) and managed to fumble around for more than a round attempting to apprehend the drunken thief.  After a time they were successful and asked the captain of the militia if they could hold him in the gaol until they were ready to leave town.  He obliged them and thus the session ended.