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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grognard the Dragon

Behold the mighty Grognard in all his splendor!  Hear me out here.  I picked up this old Public Domain wooduct image in order to have a logo/mascot for Gamers & Grognards, as well as any product that I might create.  I even gave him the name in the title, simplistic, but it gets the point across.  It's also cute in a scaly "roast you with my breath weapon" sort of way.  Thus was created Grognard the Dragon.  Yes I know, he only has two legs so he is quite likely a wyvern.  Still, I think he was meant to be, and is, a dragon proper.  

Now, while he is my mascot and logo, his image, as stated, is in the Public Domain.  Therefore, not only am I OK with, but I would also encourage, that we add Grognard to along with our home brewed OSR logos as one of our calling cards.  The OSR logos are our logos, but Grognard can be out mascot.  Feel free to post him on your own blogs/products.  I would appreciate links back to this blog, however if you intend to use him.  Though his likeness is in the public domain Grognard was first my brainchild.  In fact we already have Grognard  merchandise.  Just click on the image of Grognard in the margin.