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Monday, September 16, 2019

Dungeons & Dragonmead Fall Schedule

As you know, I run public classic Dungeons & Dragons games at The Loaded Die/Metro Detroit Game Night's Board Game Nigh at Dragonmead, in Warren, MI. These happen on various Thursdays, most months. The Board Game Nights are weekly, my games will typically be once or more a month. The game will be taught to any newcomers. I typically arrive by 6:00 PM, game starts no later than 7:00. Come early if you need to make a character.

Currently we are using the Old School Essential system, with advanced races and classes for those desiring to play them, (B/X books are welcome if you have them for reference) and playtesting adventure modules that I am writing for the system. Currently we are playing through my "Plague Year" modules, with a little more strewn throughout. These are being done in a drop in manor, but as a continuous campaign. If you are interested in playing Old School D&D, and are in the Metro Detroit area, this is the place to be.

Our current schedule for the Dungeons & Dragonmead game will be:


10/24/2019 cancelled

11 - TBD

12 - TBD