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Monday, April 2, 2018

Classic D&D At Dragonmead, Spring Schedule

As you know, I run public games at The Loaded Die's Game Nights both Dragonmead, in Warren, MI. These happen on various Thursdays, most months. The Board Game Nights are weekly, my games will typically be once or more a month. 
Every game I run publicly for the time being will be public play test of "Gateway to Adventure" the OD&D/Swords & Wizardry variant I spoke about in this post. That is, I will be running OD&D and Swords & Wizardry as the system, dropping my variants in to see how they play out. These are being done in a drop in manor, but as a continuous campaign using early Wee Warriors Modules, "The Misty Isles" and "Palace of the Vampire Queen" as the basis. Palace of the Vampire Queen was the first module ever published. If you have ever wanted to play an OD&D Module using an OD&D based system, but have no where to go, this is your chance. Also, awesome beer is available.
If you have a character in any of my public games (including convention games) you can bring, and play, that character to any of the game nights that I am running.
Here is my Spring Schedule as it currently stands:
April 5th
April 26th
May 10th
Games Nights Start at 5:00 PM. Presume OSR games around 6:30 PM.