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Friday, October 5, 2018

Octhorrorfest, Ghost Stories: 1D12 Hauntings Tables For OD&D and other RPGs

Octhorror is here again! That means, of course, several supernatural posts and game aids for your help get your game in the spirit of the season! You should be able to tell from the title that, this year, will be focused on dealing with the spirit world!

I typically give stats for a creature, or a specific rule to use in play. The first post of the year is going to be a little more generic. This post is intended to help those Referees that want to add a bit of the supernatural to the game, or run a Halloween session, without having to do a ton of prep. To this end I give you tables to create a sandbox ghost story for your players to deal with. The intent here is that the players will discover the haunting and have to deal with putting the spirit to rest. This post assumes that D&D or another fantasy game is being played. Enjoy!

D12: What Is Being Haunted?
  1. A castle/manor
  2. The local inn/tavern
  3. Someone's home
  4. An old abandoned house
  5. A cemetery or barrow
  6. A magic item the PCs have discovered
  7. Mundane treasure (gold, jewelry etc.)
  8. A common item (used adventuring gear, a farmer's plow etc.)
  9. A holy site (temple, grove, cemetery etc.)
  10. An item owned by an NPC
  11. An NPC (see rules for possession and obsession)
  12. One of the PCs (see rules for possession and obsession)
D12: Why Is the Spirit Earthbound?
  1. The spirit does not realize it has died
  2. The spirit was murdered and must be avenged/murderer brought to justice
  3. They died while on a quest. The quest must be completed for the spirit to move on.
  4. An item was stolen from the home or resting place of the spirit and must be returned
  5. The spirit was bound to the haunted (see table above) by means of a spell.
  6. The deceased deliberately became a ghost, specter etc, hoping to gain power as an undead spirit
  7. A curse separates this spirit from the spirit of it's one true love, who has passed on to the other side.
  8. A part of the spirits corporeal body is missing/stolen and must be returned to it's place of rest.
  9. The spirit broke an oath before dying and is now cursed until it proves it's worth.
  10. The body of this spirit is alive, but the current possessor of it's body severed it's ties to get rid of the proper owner.
  11. The spirit is a loved one visiting from the otherside. It is not truly earthbound but may not be able to find it's way back.
  12. The spirit was a being resurrected, but the attempt failed and now is stuck between two worlds.
Halloween Ghost by Tom Shropshire

Speaking of Ghost Stories, if you haven't done so already, head on over to the Appendix N Entertainment Store at DriveThruRPG to pick up my first adventure, "Hidden Hand of the Horla" PWYW for a limited time!

Monday, October 1, 2018

What's New With Gamers & Grognards? Hidden Hand of the Horla, the First Release from Appendix N Entertainment Is Here!

If you have been following the blog for any amount of time you will have realized that not much has been happening around here lately, save for some game day advertisements and recruitment posts for U-Con. This is because, outside of the day job and parenting duties, I have been busy establishing my company, Appendix N Entertainment and working hard on it's debut product releases. 

The first product release, Hidden Hand of the Horla, is now up for sale as a PDF on One Book Shelf. The module is meant to be played with the "house game" that I am working on, Gateway To Adventure. That said, Gateway... is a clone of OD&D, with house rules and extra options, making HHotH playable with and version of OD&D or it's clones (Swords & Wizardry, Delving Deeper etc.) In testing I have found it also plays well with Basic era games (B/X, BECMI, Labyrinth Lord etc.) It could be playable with any OSR rule set with very little conversion.

Hidden Hand of the Horla is currently available in PDF only as a PWYW product! In early November it is slated to be release in physical format in a limited edtion signed and numbered printing in "Little Brown Book" format. This limited collectors edition will be released at U-Con, limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. Beginning in November, PDF copies HHotH will cease to be PWYW and get a fixed price.

If you are interested in checking out Hidden Hand of the Horla, it can be purchased here, in the Appendix N Entertainment shop on DriveThruRPG

From the product page:

A 1st - 3rd level adventure for  use with Gateway To Adventure and other Original Edition Fantasy Role Playing Games.

Legends tell of the Hand Mage's Tower that once stood at the edge of the realm. Within the Hand Mage experimented and hoarded his magical treasures. The tower stood for many years until one day it mysteriously vanished. Rumors spread that the mage had offended the gods and had been eradicated from existence, or else had made a pact with a demon prince and was now paying his due. Whatever the case, the tales became legend and all but the oldest elves were unsure if the tower had ever existed at all. Now the tower has reappeared where it once stood. Will you dare to enter the ancient tower in search of riches and magical secrets?

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dungeons & Dragonmead Game - Fall 2018 Schedule

As you know, I run public classic Dungeons & Dragons games at The Loaded Die/Metro Detroit Game Night's Board Game Nigh at Dragonmead, in Warren, MI. These happen on various Thursdays, most months. The Board Game Nights are weekly, my games will typically be once or more a month. The game will be taught to any newcomers.

Every game I run publicly for the time being will be a public play test of "Gateway to Adventure" the OD&D/Swords & Wizardry variant I spoke about in this post. That is, I will be running OD&D and Swords & Wizardry as the system, dropping my variants in to see how they play out. These are being done in a drop in manor, but as a continuous campaign using early Wee Warriors Modules, "The Misty Isles" and "Palace of the Vampire Queen" as the basis. Palace of the Vampire Queen was the first module ever published. If you have ever wanted to play an OD&D Module using an OD&D based system, but have no where to go, this is your chance. Also, awesome beer is available.

If you have a character in any of my public games (including convention games) you can bring, and play, that character to any of the game nights that I am running.

Our current schedule for the Dungeons & Dragonmead game will be:



11/29/2018 - CANCELLED!

12/6/2018 - CANCELLED!


Start times will typically be 6:30. Contact me if you need to make a character. I typically arrive by 6:00 to help newcomers.

Monday, July 23, 2018

U-Con Event Submission Is Open! Now With Deadlines

It's event submission time for U-Con!

As the OSR Track and Tekumel Track event coordinator I am looking for Referees, Judges and Dungeon Masters to come run old school games! U-Con will be held November 9-11, 2018 at the Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest.


Did you also know that U-Con has a Tekumel Track? If you are a fan of Tekumel and want a platform to run at, U-Con is the place! Our Tekumel Track allows for any game system so long as you are running a Tekumel game! Submit your Tekumel events today!
What qualifies as an OSR event this year?
Official D&D:
All TSR Era D&D qualifies,
AD&D 2nd Edition
Rules Cyclopedia
Other TSR Era Stuff:
Gamma World (TSR editions)
Boot Hill
Metamorphosis Alpha
Star Frontiers
Top Secret
Alternity etc.
Other Early Era RPGs/Supplements:
Early Chaosium products (RuneQuest 2nd Edition, Elfquest, Sandy Petersen era Call of Cthulhu etc)
RuneQuest (yes I know I mentioned it before)
Tunnels & Trolls (all editions)
Dragonquest (all editions)
Traveller (early editions)
Chivalry & Sorcery
Pacesetter System Games (Chill, Time Master, Crypt World etc.)
Middle Earth Role Playing (I.C.E.)
The Complete Warlock
Rapier & Dagger
Cyborg Commando (Did he really just say Cyborg Commando AGAIN?)
WEG D6 Star Wars
WEG D6 Ghostbusters
The Fantasy Trip
Pre 2000s Palladium Games (TMNT, Palladium RPG, early RIFTS etc)
If I missed your favorite, contact me and make sure, but it will likely be fine to run.
Swords & Wizardry
Labyrinth Lord
Mutant Future
Dark Dungeons
Delving Deeper
For Gold & Glory
Spellcraft & Swordplay etc.
Near Clones:
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Mutant Crawl Classics
Adventurer Conqueror King
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
Castles & Crusades
White Star
The Hero's Journey
The Black Hack
Adventures Dark & Deep
Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Roleplaying Game etc.
As always, this list is hardly exhaustive regarding all of the great Old School RPGs in the world. If you have one you want to run and it isn't here, just let me know. Let's make this thing huge. I want to give your favorite Old School game a place to live and breathe.  When you register and OSR game, be sure to note that it is an OSR game in the comment so that we get it registered properly!
What Qualifies for the Tekumel Track?
The Tekumel Track can accommodate ANY game system you choose to run in the Tekumel setting! If you register a Tekumel game, make sure you state it is a Tekumel game in the comments section, to assure it is tagged properly!
Greetings GameMasters! Event submissions are now being accepted for U-Con 2018, Nov 9-11! As always, in exchange for your commitment, you’ll receive a GM badge that will allow you access to the convention all weekend, while All-Star GMs (who run 16+ event hours) will earn a Play Games All Weekend Ribbon!

Are you planning on running a game at U-Con 2018? Read on! If you’re just coming to play, you can skip this one and just appreciate how far in advance folks prepare to make this a fun event for you.

We are working to improve our registration process.  As of this year, you’ll be able to log in to see your submitted events and eventually your schedule.  Just head over to create your login, then submit your events!

You can find more info about being a GM or if you have any questions, please send us a message.

Thanks, and good gaming!
Your U-Con Team

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Free RPG Day, Running OD&D Games At Guild of Blades in Clawson, Michigan

This Saturday is Free RPG Day! In previous years I've talked about running games for the day, but haven't gotten around to it. This year I'm participating in Guild of Blades' Free RPG Day Festivities. If you are in the Metro Detroit area you should come on by and check out the event. I only have the listing for the two games I am running at present, but I have been told there will be many more events running from 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM! Come on down. I'll be running some OD&D/S&W dungeon crawling goodness!
Session 1
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
System: Original Dungeons & Dragons/Swords & Wizardry
Players: 2-10
Adventure: Tower of the Stargazer:
Legends tell of a wizard so arrogant that he felt the entire sky was naught but a lens for him to view the stars. So great was the hubris and defiance of this man that the gods smote him with the power of storm and fire. Oh did the wizard laugh at such a pathetic gesture. He did not fear the gods, for he drew his knowledge from something greater. Something darker.
But something had finally brought the wizard low, for though the sky still blazed down on him and his abode, he no longer blazed back.
And now you’re going to walk right through this wizard’s front door.
Characters can be created at session. Some Pregens will be on hand. If you have a character in any of my public games, that character may be used.
Duration: 3-4 hours

Session 2
5:00-9:00 PM
System: Original Dungeons & Dragons/Swords & Wizardry
Players: 2-10
Adventure: Hidden Hand of the Horla (playtest adventure)
A playtest of an adventure written by the referee! Soon to be released through Appendix N Entertainment! Players will get playtest credit in the module.
A mysterious hand shaped tower has appeared on the horizon. What treasures and horrors lurk within? Your group of adventurers has been down on their luck. This could be the chance you have been waiting for.
Characters can be created at session. Some Pregens will be on hand. If you have a character in any of my public games, that character may be used.
Duration: 3-4 hours

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Classic Dungeons & Dragonmead Summer Schedule

As you know, I run public classic Dungeons & Dragons games at The Loaded Die/Metro Detroit Game Night's Board Game Nigh at Dragonmead, in Warren, MI. These happen on various Thursdays, most months. The Board Game Nights are weekly, my games will typically be once or more a month. The game will be taught to any newcomers.


Every game I run publicly for the time being will be public play test of "Gateway to Adventure" the OD&D/Swords & Wizardry variant I spoke about in this post. That is, I will be running OD&D and Swords & Wizardry as the system, dropping my variants in to see how they play out. These are being done in a drop in manor, but as a continuous campaign using early Wee Warriors Modules, "The Misty Isles" and "Palace of the Vampire Queen" as the basis. Palace of the Vampire Queen was the first module ever published. If you have ever wanted to play an OD&D Module using an OD&D based system, but have no where to go, this is your chance. Also, awesome beer is available.
If you have a character in any of my public games (including convention games) you can bring, and play, that character to any of the game nights that I am running.

Our current schedule for the Dungeons & Dragonmead game will be:



-7/5/2018-  CANCELLED



Start times will typically be 6:30. Contact me if you need to make a character. I typically arrive by 6:00 to help newcomers.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Boot Hill Now Available In Print!

Hello all! WOTC is continuing to bring us old TSR games back in print. Well, print on demand. I'll say, that's good enough for me. The newest offering is TSR's great western RPG, Boot Hill, 3rd edition, in a very affordable print. You can get the pdf for $9.99 or the POD for $19.99. Right now, there is a discounted price to get both for the low price of $21.99. That's a pretty good price for a print RPG these days.

You can buy Boot Hill 3rd ed, right here, in print and pdf!

From the product page:

Two rows of unpainted wooden buildings face each other across the wide, dirt street. A signboard creaks mournfully in the hot wind. Down this track rides a lone figures, tired but alert. His boots, hat, and buckskin jacket are alayered with dust. But the ivory-handled revolver on his hip is spotless and cool. Neither a beacon nor a threat, it's simply there, a part of the man.
Drift back to the days of cattle drives, dance halls, range wars, and gunslingers. The BOOT HILL Wild west role-Playing Game lets you relive the grand adventure of the American Frontier. It's a wide open land where a man with strength, determination, and courage can carve a place for himself.
This 3rd edition of the classic BOOT HILL game is thoroughly revised and updated.
It includes:
  • Fully rounded characters with over 60 skills to choose from;
  • Revised rules for shootouts and fistfights emphasizing quick thinking and quick action;
  • Extensive campaign guidelines plus historical background and a timeline of the Old West;
  • Two historical gunfight scenarios plus numerous short adventures;
  • Fold-out maps of Promise City and the surrounding territory.
Note on the Softcover print-on-demand book: The maps are included as separate pages in the back of this version of the book. If you intend to use the maps at your table it is recommended that you purchase the PDF + Softcover combo and print the maps from the PDF.

A portion of sales from affiliate links go to help fund Gamers & Grognards and Appendix N Entertainment.

Monday, May 21, 2018

DEAL OF THE DAY: WEG D6 Ghosbusters Has Been Cloned!

One of my favorite systems of all time, outside of those based upon D&D is the WEG D6 system. I absolutely love it. One of my favorite games ever published using it was Ghostbusters. Guess what? Yaruki Zero Games has cloned WEG Ghostbusters, in the form of Spooktacular: A Cheerfully Spooky Role-Playing Game! What's more? It's the Deal of the Day over on Drivethru RPG! You can get the PDF for $3.99 or the POD for only $15.99 with the PDF. They also have a set of cards, similar to those that came in the Ghostbusters Boxed Set back in the day. This is very much worth a look if you love the D6 system, or the old Ghostbusters games.
From the product page:
Who’re you going to ask for a quote through their website? Wraithzappers!”
Spooktacular is an updated retroclone of a forgotten gem of 1980s RPG design, letting your play out the hilarious adventures of paranormal investigators who use dodgy science, possibly dangerous bleeding-edge paratechnology, and sheer chutzpah to capture ghosts and make a living.
In addition to all the rules you need to play this new take on an elegantly simple hidden classic of RPG design, this book includes:
  • Archetypes that give each character a nifty special ability, and optional Weird Archetypes so you can have an esper, witch, or other weirdo join the team.
  • A selection of wacky ghost-hunting gear. In addition to the basic etheric ray throwers and such, there are things like the Ghost Punchers (special gauntlets that do in fact let you punch ghosts) and Etheric Grenades (special grenades that blow ghosts up).
  • Three sample ghost-hunting companies (Wraithzappers, Ghost Rooter, and Phantom Finders) in various states of funding and legitimacy, as well as simple guidelines for making up your own company.
  • Short guides to ghost-hunting in the cities of Albuquerque, London, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.
  • Sample story ideas and a story generator table.
  • A selection of premade ghosts, ranging from the nagging Ancestor to the absurdly dangerous Ghostzilla.
To play you'll need some pencils and paper, a bunch of six-sided dice (with at least one in a different color to be the Spooky Die), a few friends, and a few hours to play. Green novelty beverages are recommended but not required, especially since they haven't made them in a while now.
  • Want to make your own game derived from the core rules of Spooktacular, or just get a sneak peek of said rules? Check out the Sixtacular SRD!
  • Want to make a Spooktacular character for an upcoming game or just for the heck of it? Click on Full-size Preview above if you don't mind dealing with having the words "Sample file" getting in the way a bit!
  • Have the game but wish you had handy reference cards for it? Guess what? Thanks to DTRPG offering POD cards, there's a set of Spooktacular Reference Cards for $7.99 plus shipping!
A portion of sales from affiliate links go to help fund Gamers & Grognards and Appendix N Entertainment.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

SALE - Dolemwood Bundle on OBS - $70 Off the Full Line!

If you have been eyeing the Dolemwood materials from Necrotic Gnome Productions, there is no time better than now to buy in. Put out by the same publisher that brought us B/X Essentials and Theorems  & Thaumaturgy, Dolemwood brings Weird Fantasy to the table. Made for B/X games, the weirdness of the setting makes it perfect for running Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role Playing campaigns. Currently, Necrotic Gnome is having a huge sale on the entire line! You can currently get over $123 worth of product for under $55! More information on the setting and a link to the sale can be found below.
Dolmenwood is a weird folklore campaign setting — creepy, whimsical, and psychedelic in equal measure — for B/X and other vintage fantasy games. This document, formatted for ease of home-printing, is an introductory guide for players taking their first footsteps under the eaves of this mythic forest and discusses the major locales, the sentient races which inhabit them, and the factions which vie for power.
In-depth detail on the setting, suitable for referees, is furnished in the seasonal Wormskin zine. Each issue uncovers various elements of this eldritch realm situated on the leafy verges of Fairy, where austere Drunes rub elbows with weird elf-lords and talking beasts, where witches wander skyclad and armed with sinister magicks to bind the spirits of hapless adventurers.

Everything Dolemwood Bundle - $53.91 for all titles! Print and PDF - Savings of $69.51!
A percentage of all liked sales go to support Gamers & Grognards.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Original Edition Role Playing Appreciation Day 2018 Contribution Index - Sales! Blog Posts! Product Releases! Podcasts!

Happy OERAD!  Today we celebrate the game that introduced the world to role playing games. Today we celebrate Original Dungeons & Dragons (first released in 1974) it's clones and derivative games! I hope you enjoy the posts and products linked below, in honor of the first published role playing game!
Updates will be made a couple times throughout the day as some folks will be working through the day to get several posts up.  Keep checking back!  The Index will be updated throughout the day!


A Catalog of Original Dungeons & Dragons Based Games

We've lucked out this year, as it turns out that OneBookShelf is having a HUGE sale on D&D and it's imitators. This includes OD&D and most clones! Links to the games below will, for the most part, take you to the OneBookShelf page for the specific product, where you can learn more about each game and what it is about. Most product links on this page are affiliate links and some of the profit from sales will benefit this blog and the creation of our own OD&D based game "Gateway To Adventure."
Original Dungeons & Dragons

Chainmail -The game system that OD&D was built upon.

 Original Dungeons & Dragons - The boxed set that started it all. This set contained three booklets that laid the groundwork for the most popular rpg in the world. Today this would be referred to as "the core rules."

Greyhawk: Supplement I - The first supplement for Dungeons & Dragons. It introduced many rules still familiar today. Based upon the campaign of Gary Gygax.

Blackmoor: Supplement II - The second supplement for Dungeons & Dragons. Based upon the campaign notes of creator Dave Arneson, this introduced the first module as well as underwater adventuring rules and many of the iconic water based creatures still found in modern editions of the game.

Eldritch Wizardry: Supplement III - The third supplement for Dungeons & Dragons introduced psionic combat, the druid class and two of D&D's most iconic Demon Princes!

Gods Demi-gods & Heroes: Supplement IV - The fourth supplement for Dungeons & Dragons introduced many mythological deities and items of legend into the game.

 Swords & Spells - This release was more a stand alone game of mass combat than a true supplement. It provided some good rules that could be ported into a campaign, including a great morale system.

Clones & Derivative Games

Swords & Wizardry Whitebox - The most popular of the clones focused on replicating a version of the 3 rule books from the boxed set.

Swords & Wizardry Core - The Core rules provide a glimpse at the Whitebox plus some of Matt Finch's preferred rules from Greyhawk.

Swords & Wizardry Complete - This version of Swords & Wizardry combines all of the OD&D supplements, though it is missing several sections as well as IP that cannot be reproduced in a clone.

White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game - Possibly the most comprehensive and best laid out version of the "white box" style rules to date. A few extras are included in this one as well.

Delving Deeper - Delving Deeper is another clone of the original 1974 boxed set. This one is a very tight set of rules, staying very close to the original ruleset, while cleaning up some issues. 

The Hero's Journey - Heroic Fantasy roleplaying, from Barrel Rider Games, based on Swords & Wizardry Whitebox

White Box Gothic - This is a "what if" sort of game where it replaces the fantasy influence on D&D with Gothic horror in the vein of Hammer and Universal Horror films, as invisioned by James Spahn of Barrel Rider Games.

White Star - White Star is another game from Barrel Rider Games that replaces the fantasy element of the game. This time with Sci-Fi, and the results are fantastic.

Night Owl Workshop - Night Owl Workshop has a slew of games based upon the original game! All of them being reimaginings of the game in different genres. Warriors of the Red Planet places the game in Edgar Rice Burroughs's Barsoom, while Freebooters takes the game to the Age of Sail. All games are worth looking into, as well as the OD&D bestiary "Beasties."

Crypts & Things - A variant system based upon Swords & Wizardry using pulpy Swords & Sorcery as the setting.

Ruins & Ronin - A Whitebox variant using fantasy feudal Japan as the setting.

Spellcraft & Swordplay - S&S is a rules lite game based on the original boxed set and chainmail.

Champions of Zed - Champions of Zed is a clone of the original boxed set, combining additional material from earlier documents, that could possibly be referred to as "playtest" documents of Proto-D&D.

Blueholme Prentice Rules & Bluehome Journeymanne Rules - John Eric Holmes wrote a set of rules for D&D which clarified the rules found in the original game. Though it is not officially a part of the original game, these rules are close and were meant to be a tool for ease of playing the game. Therefore they are a part of this celebration. There is not version of Holmes's rules currently on the market, but we do have the Blueholme clone of his rule set. The Prentice Rules follow the original version that Dr. Holmes wrote, taking characters to level 3. The Journeymanne Rules are an imagining of what Holmes may have done had his rules gone to level 20.

WWII: Operation White Box - WWII era roleplaying using an original edition ruleset

White Lies - Spies & espionage style game using an original edition ruleset

Forbidden Lore - A free download by Jason Vey. This is a rules supplement going deeper into using Chainmail to play OD&D.

Philotomy's Musings - A great work showing Jason Cone's rules interpretations and house rules for OD&D.

The Age of Conan Supplement - Another free PDF from Jason Vey. This uses only the three books from the OD&D boxed set and Chainmail to play adventures in Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age.

Secrets of Acheron - This free supplement goes with "The Age of Conan" and features a vast array of rules and options for using magic and sorcery in the Hyborian Age.

Warriors of Mars - Another free supplement. Similar in scope to "The Age of Conan," this supplement is meant to take the adventure to Edgar Rice Burroughs's Barsoom.

 Sales and New Games, Supplements and Modules

Dean Spencer Art - All stock art is on sale today!

Original Edition Delta Games - Free Downloads for OD&D 

Paul's Game Blog - The Original Edition Delta Deck of Spells is on sale today for $13.99! Includes 82 Magic-user spells.

Secrets of Blackmoor - While not on the market yet, this is a documentary being made about Blackmoor, Dave Arneson and "Proto D&D!" Well worth following, highly recommended. Here is a trailer:

Spes Magna Games - A new class for Swords & Wizardry, El Mariachi de Combate, a musician/luchador.

The Darkness Beneath Dalentown - A new adventure for Swords & Wizardry. LINK FORTHCOMING

Blog Posts, Articles, Podcasts & Other Media

3d6, Traps and Thieves: Mothshade Concepts - For a couple years now, David Hill of Mothshade Concepts has been writing quality OD&D supplements meant to be used with the original game,  based upon his home campaigne, using the format of the original Little Brown Books. Here, he talks about the creation of these great supplements.

Crimhthan The Great's OD&D Blog - Crimthan's views on what a mega dungeon is

Gamers & Grognards - Index of all OD&D & compatible rules published on the blog through it's history

Halls of the Nephilim - A new class for Swords & Wizardry, the Venomist

JB Publishing - Presenting a free one page adventure for Swords & Wizardry

Leicester's Ramble - The Fairy Gladiator class

Musings About Original Edition Adventures - Today Musings focuses open OD&D as an engine for Dieselpunk games.

Original Edition Delta - OED releases a new digest-sized listing of all the monster EHDs (Equivalent Ht Dice) listed in the Monster Database. These have been found by computer Monte Carlo simulations (several million sample combats each). Use these for encounter balancing, XP awards, etc

The Dragonsmarch - Resources for Bluehome from Edward Kann's campaign

The Drangonsmarch Blue Kingdom - Blueholme campaign

The Other Side Blog - Blogger Timothy Brannan talks about OD&D Clone "Spellcraft & Sorcery."

The Ruins of Murkhill: Original Dungeons & Dragons - A look at the moral dilemma of humanoid children in the dungeons

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

UPDADTED: Original Edition Role Playing Appreciation Day Festivities & Participation

Original Edition Role Playing Appreciation Day is Saturday May 5th! That's just over two weeks away! The announcement was initially made here. If you're company is planning a giveaway through the official page, get an email to me so your products can get into the drawing. Remember, the deadline for all submissions and sales is coming up on Saturday at 12:00 PM!

This year I have opened up the participation of what sorts of games might be involved as well as supported activities.
  1. Your article, product, podcast, public game etc. must focus on Original Dungeons & Dragons or one of it's derivatives.
  2. Derivative systems refer to systems based directly upon OD&D, including: Swords & Wizardry, Delving Deeper, Iron Falcon, Warriors of the Red Planet, etc.
  3. Derivatives of the derivatives will also be accepted: White Star, Crypts & Things, The Hero's Journey etc.
  4. Additionally I will accept Holmes basic and Blueholme, as the Holmes version of the game was intended as a cleaned up, easy access version of the original game.
  5. The following will NOT be accepted: Basic/Expert, BECMI, Rules Cyclopedia, AD&D or any direct derivatives of these. I know there are those that count all "Basic" versions of the game as OD&D, but that is not our definition here, or for the purposes of this day. Only the Original game from 1974, it's supplements and derivatives of these (and compatible materials, supplements and modules) will be accepted.

This year, I am putting out the call for PUBLIC OE GAMES! If you want to run a game publicly, either in person at a store or online on OERAD (May 5th) it would be a fantastic way to get these systems in front of people and help garner interest.

Submitting a game to be played publicly on OERAD: If you want to submit a game, email me at luxfaust@gmail.com NO LATER THAN Saturday April 28th! The subject line should real "OERAD Public Game."  I will get a post up by Monday April 30th with listings on locations and hangout games that will be available for public attendance.

If you are creating a blog, podcast, new product or sale for the day, these are your guidelines:

- Write a post, article, free pdf, podcast etc. related to OD&D, accepted systems listed above, or get a sale going with product you already have or announce a new release..
-Email me with a link to you blog, website etc. By 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, May 5th. Email both your link and title/sale. 
-Make the subject of your email: "OERAD Post (or sale)" and the blog/site title. Send email to: luxfaust@gmail.com
-Make sure to have the actual post/sale by 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on May 5th. IF POSSIBLE GET POSTS TO ME BEFORE THIS SO THAT I CAN PLAN APPROPRIATELY.
-I will have all links and titles posted here on the blog around 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on May 5th.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Original Edition Role Playing Appreciation Day Logo

Original Edition Role Playing Appreciation Day is Saturday May 5th! The announcement was initially made here.

Time for this week's OERAD post. We have an official logo! The recognizable Lizardman (now in a more dynamic pose) was drawn by +Clayton Williams from Lansing, MI. If you like what you see you can check out more of Clay's work here on his Instagram account. If you like his stuff and have a project that needs some groovy art, throw some work his way. Feel free to attach the logo to any OERAD posts or events you might have.

Additionally, remember to get cracking on any submissions, we are only a few weeks away from the big day. Submission guidelines can be found here.