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Friday, December 22, 2017

State of the Blog, Things to Come and New Ownership of the Swords & Wizardry G+ Community

For those who follow the blog, you will have noticed a big slump in posts. If you were following along early in the fall, you know that I hit some massive overtime at work. The holidays started closing in right after that happened. It's been pretty busy at work, despite not having the overtime. Really, though, I could have been back at it about three to four weeks ago. I've kept my recreation time pretty full. I'll let you know what with later in the post. But, first, an announcement.
Due to time constraints, I have had to make some decisions about where I can spend my time in gaming. This relates to the above mentioned time filler, my work life and parenting time. Therefore, I am resigning as the owner of the Swords & Wizardry G+ Community. I am turning the community over to the Silver Bulettes. As of now Jason "Rocky" Gardner  and Ian McGarty are the new owners of the community. Through the holidays and a few weeks following, I will stay on to iron out any hiccups.
So what have I and will I be doing with my time? Well, a lot of the small amount of real free time I have has been going over legal info on starting a publishing house. In the coming year I will be staring a small company called "Appendix N Entertainment." I have a children's card game in the works, that I intend to have complete in the coming year. So there is that. You will see more on both the game and ANE here, as this blog will often act as a mouth piece for it.
In the past few months I have poured over the material that I have written for publication as Swords & Wizardry supplements, as well as looking over my house rules. More and more I have thought that what it has to be is a variant OD&D/S&W system, rather than a set of supplements. So, the little splat books and modules I have been working on are being shelved for a moment. I have begun reading every OD&D book and all OD&D material in The Strategic Review and The Dragon. I will also be pouring over Holmes, AD&D and B/X. I am specifically trying to review all of the rules and the things that make me love these games. My intent, in the end, is to produce and OD&D "clone" with two books. One that re-produces the best of OD&D/S&W and one that will be a set of variant rules. Some of the optional variances will be my own house rules, while others will be cloned rules and options from other editions and variants like "Warlock" and "The Arduin Grimoire."
This is where I am now. Some of my rules will appear here, for the reader's input. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them. Thank you for your patience with everything over the past few months. This blog, and now ANE do not exist without the readers.