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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

State of the Blog and Octhorrorfest 2017

Time for the triumphant return of Gamers & Grognards! Or not so much. For about a little over a month now, I have been filling in for a co-worker out on leave for back surgery. This has had me working two 40 hour + a week positions in our busy time. With business as it is, I would likely be working 50-60 hours, without the added responsibilities. This has put me behind in everything that I do outside of work, including parenting. Luckily, my parents help me out with taking care of my daughter. I've lost any game time that normally would have happened, including putting the Metro Detroit Swords & Wizardry Tap Room tour on hiatus for a while. For the hour of time I have in the evening and what little time I can scrounge on the weekend, I've been avoiding anything that even resembles work. That has included writing, game design and blogging.
I've decided to try to get some of my yearly Octhorrorfest blogs up, despite my work load. Starting this week, and every week until Halloween, I plan to get and Octhorrorfest Creature Feature up. This will be stating out a creature from a classic horror film, urban legend or cryptozoology/folklore for Swords & Wizardry. I will likely keep mostly to classic horror films. That said, with how busy I have been, I want the help of my readers! Using G+, comment on this blog with a creature from any of the above categories. I'll do my best to get to my favorite suggestions, along with the few that I already have planned!
Happy Hauntings!