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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

AD&D and Appendix N RPG Titles On One Book Shelf

Well, time for a little advertisement and glimpse at things that I'm excited about over on Drivethru RPG. Full disclosure, if you follow the links here and make purchases from them, you will be contributing to the well being of this blog and it's blogger. Without further ado, here are some things that I'm happy, or at least excited, to see coming out in the "on demand" RPG market:

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of

First of is the new "Conan" RPG from Modiphus Entertainment. Now, this was Kickstarted last year at this time, but I didn't back it, as I knew nothing about the 2d20 system. Now, however, you can buy the PDF, or check out the Conan Free Quickstart Rules. That is what I intend to do first. I've already downloaded them, but need some time to look them over (does anyone have any time they can loan me, I seem to be coming up short lately.) Now, even if I end up disliking the system, or don't think it captures the pulp adventure of Howard's stories, I might just pick up the core book anyway. Why? Because this sounds intriguing:
  • An extensive gazetteer covering the whole of Conan’s world: featuring fair Aquilonia, gloomy Cimmeria, magic-haunted Stygia, all the way to the far-off steaming jungles of Khitai.
This is cool. I can use this for games set in the Hyborian Age regardless of whether or not I like the ruleset. I've been looking for a nice sourcbook to run Jason Vey's OD&D "Age of Conan" supplement for a while now anyway.

  • Extensive guidelines for running scenarios and campaigns in the Hyborian Age, allowing gamemasters to create suitably Howardian adventures.
Er... basically repeat the above.

  • Developed in close consultation with award-winning Conan scholars, this is the most authentic depiction of Conan and his world ever published for games. 
This level of appreciation for the source material will typically have me sold on nearly anything.
Look at that list of artists. Just take a look at some of the names in there. The books in this line are going to look amazing.

Adventures in Middle-earth Loremaster's Guide

I like what I've seen in the "Adventures In Middle-Earth Player's Guide." Even if I don't ever use it to run Middle-Earth, it has some nice stuff. Plus this game feels more like Tolkien's Middle-Earth than anything other than "The One Ring" that has ever been published in RPG format. There's probably a good reason for that. Again, this is a work that has paid close attention to it's source material.

Lastly we come to some things that have been out for a while, but are now available in print again. I have been moaning about the fact that WOTC was not putting out their back catalog in POD format since they started selling it as PDF. Well, for over a month they have been making a (happy) liar out of me. Now, they are finally getting to the rule sets themselves. New players, and old, have a new option for table copies of the AD&D books. I will only be happier once we see the RC and the OD&D Library.
AD&D Player's Handbook

AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide

AD&D Monster Manual