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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Announcement: New Ownership of The Swords & Wizardry Discussion G+ Community!

Some time ago +Christopher Helton announced that changes were coming for the Swords & Wizardry Discussion G+ Group. The time for that change has come. I've been silent for my part, but now it's time for an announcement. Christopher is done managing the group. I will be taking over as owner. I hope to bring new life to the community. I have quite a few changes that I will be making, so please bear with me over the next several weeks. I hope to implement most of my changes over Thanksgiving weekend. 

Among the changes you will see an updated topics list. Which should look something like this:
  • General Discussion
  • Swords & Wizardry Creative Guild
  • Rules Questions
  • Complete
  • Core
  • White Box
  • Light
  • Variant Rules/Hacks
  • Blog Posts
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • House Rules & Home Brews
  • Seeking Games

What's that second topic? Your eyes don't deceive you. When I first decided to take over the community, this past summer, I talked with +Matt Finch and we are going to bring back the Swords & Wizardry Creative Guild with the new and improved G+ Community as it's chosen forum! By doing this I hope to spark the same sort of third party creativity that we constantly see out of the DCC Community! I hope that we can promote both "official" product from Frog God Games, and a plethora of Third Party Swords & Wizardry product! 

With the new management, may come a new "staff." As Chris leaves he is going to remove all moderators except for Matt. Chris will stay on to help for a few weeks or so, but I will be carefully selecting my own moderators as time goes by. Nor will I allow my moderators to break any of the group rules or use the community as a platform to promote their own work to the exclusion of others. The groups rules will apply equally to all. Those rules will be posted in the near future. For the most part the rules amount to "don't be an asshole" and keep the topics on Swords & Wizardry. I look forward to making this a real Community.

--The Mgmt.
AKA R.J. Thompson

Frog God Games In the Humble Bundle For A Good Cause!

Frog God Games is in the Humble Bundle!! Kobold Press & Green Ronin too!!
Frog God Games, is the publisher that personifies quiet reflection. We exemplify temperance. We lionize others who lead a humble life. Frog God profoundly values humility in other people.  Well, quite frankly, all you other people need to level up your humble game. Humility, you need to buy it by the bundle… well, lucky you…

Introducing the Frog God Games Humble Bundle promotion! Featuring Kobold Press and Green Ronin Publishing

Three of the least self-aggrandizing role-playing game publishers are Frog God Games, Kobold Press and Green Ronin Publishing. They all are working together with Humble Bundle by raising funds to help Veteran’s through The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society(NMCRS). All joking aside the NMCRS are real heroes helping other heroes and it is an honor to help them in anyway we can.

So it is simple. Many Veteran’s have needs. Frog God, Kobold, and Green Ronin have games. Humble Bumble has a proven method. The last piece of this puzzle is you....

Because you have the money. We are of Gaming PDFs in bundles that start at only $1. Thus to make it all happen we are humbly offering over $400 the following options PDF bundles, starting at Just one dollar. 

The Games

This campaign is of course, a “pay what you want” deal like similar past campaigns. The base pledge level for rewards will be $1, the mid-level will be $8, and the ultimate level will be $15.
Rewards associated with each level will include:
$1— Bill Webb’s Book of Dirty Tricks, The Black Monastery, Quests of Doom, Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms, Unusual Suspects, Streets of Zobeck,  Zobeck Gazetteer, and The Advanced Bestiary, a retail value of $128.43
$8—Everything from the $1 pledge plus Rappan Athuk, Dead Man’s Chest, Against Tsathogga, Cyclopean Deeps I-II, Advanced Races Compendium, Halls of the Mountain King adventure, Your Whispering Homunculus, a retail value of $257.37

$15—All the electronic books listed above plus the Mother of All Treasure Tables, Splinters of Faith 1-10, Deep Magic, Halls of the Mountain King, Wrath of the River King, Freeport, City of Adventure. Total retail value of $417.

The Players
  • The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society is a charity dedicated to helping US Servicemen and their families with a variety of needs. They provide, in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps, financial, educational, and other need-based assistance to active-duty and retired Sailors and Marines, their eligible family members, and survivors. 
  • Frog God Games is an award winning roleplaying game company that has been in business since 2010, and evolved out of the former Necromancer Games that operated from 1999-2009. One of the largest roleplaying game companies in the industry, Frog God has produced numerous well know titles including Tome of Horrors, Rappan Athuk, The Lost City of Barakus, Razor Coast, and the Northlands Saga. 
They are well known for their difficult adventures, old style, gritty play, and their own campaign world, The Lost Lands. Its best known writers include Bill Webb, Greg Vaughan, Matt Finch, Steve Winter, Ed Greenwood, Jim Ward and others.
  • Kobold Press is the award-winning company behind the Midgard Campaign Setting and Southlands Campaign Settings for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, as well as the source of design guides like the Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding and the Kobold Guide to Board Game Design. Its crowdsourced design philosophy has produced some powerful adventures and supplements, and its dark magic and occult knowledge have kept it a step ahead of a horde of competitors. Snake people may be involved. We can't really say. Its stable of regulars includes Pathfinder and RPG luminaries such as Wolfgang Baur, Jeff Grubb, David "Zeb" Cook, Ed Greenwood, Jason Bulmahn, Brandon Hodge, Adam Daigle, and others.
  • Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle based company dedicated to the art of great games. Since the year 2000 Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality and innovation that is second to none, publishing such roleplaying game hits as Fantasy AGE, Dragon Age, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, and Mutants & Masterminds, and winning over 40 awards for excellence. For an unprecedented three years running Green Ronin won the prestigious GenCon & EnWorld Award for Best Publisher.
The Winner

The Navy & Marine Corps Relief Society is a charity dedicated to helping US Servicemen with a variety of needs. Their Mission is to provide, in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps, financial, educational, and other need-based assistance to active-duty and retired Sailors and Marines, their eligible family members, and survivors. As a non-profit, volunteer service organization, we use both financial and non-financial resources to identify solutions to meet emerging needs. We help clients improve personal financial skills and encourage individual financial responsibility.

Not too late to support Frog God's Extra-Life Event
It is not too late to sponsor our extra life team as they fight the 24 hour fight to help Children and Hospitals. You like those right?

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