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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

UPDATE: Swords & Wizardry Third Party Sale! 50% off! Plus A New Class!

+Arakar Gaiden is having a sale over on DriveThru. All of  his Swords & Wizardry titles are currently 50% off from 1/7/2016 until 1/11/2016! You can get them right here! THIS SALE IS BEING POSTPONED UNTIL FRIDAY. The publisher will be supplying a new link at that time.
While your there, check out Spes Magna Games' latest Swords & Wizardy release The Magus. It presents a new class, meant to be the Magi of Ancient Persia (released for Three Kings Day/Epiphany for obvious reasons.) For .99 this one is a steal! This work is worth picking up strictly for the astrology rules presented within, which offer a nice clean alternative form of divination that is not spell based. I highly recommend this one.