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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Basic Psioncs Handbook Now On Sale!

Wow. The past couple of weeks have been horrible for my bank account. Normally I wouldn't throw out so much "advertising" but there are so many things I'm excited about right now, I have to share with other gamers. Two great Kickstarters between the Lost Lands Borderlands Provinces and the 4th printing of the DCC RPG Rulebook have kicked off! They both look awesome. Then a re-release of The Tekumel Sourcebook (a product that I have wanted for a looong time) was announced, and at a very affordable POD price!
Now +Richard LeBlanc has released a book I've been anticipating for about as long as he's been working on it. That's right the Basic Psionics Handbook is finally out! I love Richard's stuff. His D30 DMs Companion and D30 Sandbox Companion are among the best Referee resources available in gaming. His classes, as they appear on his blog, never fail to disappoint. He really gets B/X D&D. I have no doubts that his latest release is superb. I will absolutely be pick it up this week. If you want it in PDF, now would be the time for you as well, Richard had announced that it will be available at a discounted price of $5.99 for a limited time, over at RPGNow/Drivethru RPG!