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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Returning To the Blog, Goldenrod spells, U-Con and MY Keep on the Borderlands

Wow. It has been nearly a month since my last post. Apparently the gaming hiatus took hold here as well.I had some vacation time in there. But really, I just haven't had the time. There was vacation, and some of it was a working vacation. In fact, I got several new spells completed for "Goldenrod." Some of these (previous OGL spells converted to S&W) will be released in the Goldenrod Guides: Sorcerer's Compedium through Open Gaming. Others are being saved for a later release.

I've also been working on/scheming things for the OSR Track at U-Con this year. I will have a full update posted this coming week on that. In fact, it looks like it's going to be a great track this year. It's only three months off at this point, so now is the time to think about your games and get submissions in! You can get information here. We have some excellent folks coming out this year, but more on that in my full OSR Track announcement this coming week.

In other news it appears that the gaming hiatus is over! In fact, Last week I began to run a new campaign (which will be run bi-weekly on Fridays.) I'm running Swords & Wizardry ("Goldenrod" options with Arduin Grimoire material included.) I am kicking off the campaign with a mashup of B1 and B2 on the Keep on the Borderlands map! The first session was fun, (though it almost ended in a TPK.)

In my version of B1/B2 that we are currently taking part in, Chaos looks similar to what one would expect out of a Warhammer FRP 1st edition game. The Keep is the last bastion standing between the lands of man and the waste of Chaos. The Caves of Chaos are only the beginning. Cults of Chaos war with eachother in the wastes. Demogorgan's worshipers fight against those of Orcus. The Slime Lord Juiblex's forces wage war against the Cults of Tsathagga in pestilence filled marshes. Pazuzu and Yeegnhu are fickle and turn against the others as quickly as they aid them. If all of these forces were united, surely the forces of Chaos would overrun the world of men, dwarves and elves. All of this the Jale God watches. And it schemes...

This is the world that the PCs have entered into. They journeyed far to get to the Keep, seeking fortune and glory. In less than one day the found that the Taint of Chaos is strong. The party nearly fell in the sewer beneath the keep to what should have been normal rats. The Taint touches all things in this forsaken wilderness. The rats beneath the keep were mutated into pestilence spreading creatures of the Glottkin. And if such terrible creatures can be found beneath the Keep itself, what lies in the Unknown and the Caves of Chaos?