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Monday, September 8, 2014

U-Con OSR Track: The Official Announcement and Call To Arms!

Well, I can officially promote what I had originally mentioned here.   U-Con officially has an OSR track!  What's more?  Your's truly is in charge of it.  That's right, someone is letting me manage a series of OSR events at a convention.  Do they realize what they've unleashed on the great Detroit area?  Probably not.  Still, this will be awesome.  

If you aren't doing anything Nov. 14th - 16th and you're interested in the OSR (or any of those other tracks and games that we'll be rockin' out this year) you should go the the Official U-Con Website and check out what we have going on.  If you are a GM register to run an event!  If you would like to run an OSR event, there is still time for you to register.  To clarify what we are looking at as OSR events:

  • An OSR event can be any event run on original official Pre-3.0 official D&D system
  • An OSR event can be any event using a pre-3.0 official (or 3rd party) module, but running on a current Non D&D system (EX: RunningTomb of Horrors using Savage Worlds or Keep On the Borderlands using FATE)
  • An OSR event can be any event using an "accepted" OSR System, Clone, or Near Clone and/or an OSR module.

If you wish to be listed as an OSR event, please denote that your event is an OSR Track Event in the "Comments" section of the registration form.

If you are an OSR GM/Judge you may qualify to participate in OSR GM only events.

Also, we will be holding a seminar featuring our OSR Guests along with +Adam Muszkiewicz and myself. Yeah Adam. You've been drafted.  Doug's my guest, your my General.  Oh, I didn't mention that?  +Doug Kovacs will be our track's Guest of Honor this year.  Let me show everyone off here.  From the website:

OSR Track. Going back to D&D’s beginnings, U-Con is proud to announce a new RPG track. The OSR (Old School Roleplaying) movement embraces the principals of our earliest roleplaying adventures and we are eager to foster this renaissance. To launch this new track we are pleased to have four Special Guests from the OSR community:
+Doug Kovacs  (DCC RPG Artist)
+Jim Wampler  (Spellburn, Marvin the Mage)
+Tim Snider  (Goblinoid Games, The Savage Afterwold blog)
Bill Barsh (Pacesetter Games & Simulations)
Please see the Guests of Honor page for photos, bios, and future updates.  In the coming weeks we will be sharing the special programming associated with our Guests of Honor and the new OSR Track, and we encourage you to submit any events that are inspired by this announcement. See you in November!

Need more reasons to come/run?  This year U-Con's theme is "40 Years of D&D."  Who is more representative of that than the OSR?  In honor of this, I will be running a "closing game" on the last day of the con using Swords & Wizardry and the first ever published module "Palace of the Vampire Queen."  So, yeah.  No matter where you're coming from, you should be coming to check out U-Con this year.  This is Michigan's new home of the OSR.  
Keep your eye on the blog for more updates on the track, from material to be covered in the seminar to what games will be run to where to which Guest of Honor will be sleeping on the floor of my hotel room!