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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Fail, A Busy Week and A Much Needed Vacation

#1 - A Fail

So,  If you are a regular reader, you will have noticed that I have not posted an unboxing video, nor a Hump-Day Hildebrandt this week.  Well, first off, the unboxing video failed.  The unboxing happened, but the store's camera,)which is what +Adam Muszkiewicz  and I were using to tape, lost power once and during the second recording, ran out of memory.  The incomplete mish-mash that resulted is pretty bad.  We were lucky in that +James DeYonke was taking pictures during the unboxing.  I hope to get them up, along with a good description of the unboxing when I return from vacation.  Instead, we played Swords & Wizardry.  That was fun.  I always appreciate some face to face gaming with Adam.

# 2 - A Busy Week

I had meant to get this posted during the week, but I have been very busy wrapping things up at work in anticipation of my vacation and just have not had the time this week.

#3 - A Much Needed Vacation

Between the real job, the occasional edits I've been getting in on Petty Gods and my writing/playtesting of "Fear of the Dark" and other "Earendel Vale" material I really haven't had a free moment. Yesterday was my last day at work for a bit.  I kicked off my vacation with a Styx concert (if you follow anything I do on Facebook, you probably realize how much of a Prog Rock and Uber Prog guy I am.)  That was pretty sweet.  Their show was fantastic.  They are currently touring with Foreigner, whom I was less enthused about but actually rocked pretty well and impressed me anyway.  I packed today and will be off for Oscoda this weekend with my daughter and parents.  I likely won't blog, but I will be reading through Rob Kuntz "Original Bottle City" (which Adam picked up for me at Gateway Games in Cincinnati when he was down for Free RPG DAY,) so I may get froggy and post a review (assuming I have cell service.)  

When I return, I hope to be refreshed.  In a couple weeks look forward to our Unboxing info, and a U-con OSR Track update.