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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hump-day Hildebrandt and A Rant

Well, it looks like after the hell week I had last week things may calm down at work.  That's great for me.  Also, I got in TWO sessions of my Friday night home campaign over the long weekend.  That was quite good since we had over a month off.  Things are starting to get interesting now that the PCs are beginning to gain followers.  

We have also incorporated TheBook of Familiars, which I can say is good and bad.  Good in the options it offers, bad in the fact that it is a badly edited version of the D20 version of the book.  The book actually has effects that use abilities listed in spells that are NOT IN ANY C&C book!  This is a C&C splat book that has spells not found in the rules for the game it is published for.  It also has abilities listed, such as an ability listed in the barbarian section that states that it duplicates the "barbarian's rage ability."  There is a glaring problem with this.  Castles & Crusades barbarians DO NOT HAVE A RAGE ABILITY.  Now, our experience with other systems has allowed us to house rule these things fairly easily, but I feel somewhat cheated by this book, as it is at once incomplete and confused by it's former life as a D20 book.  It makes for a poor experience at the table when you have to stop to try and figure out whether something exists in this game or not, then have to house rule when you realize that you were right in the first place and the rule doesn't exist.

+Stephen Chenault, I love your game.  Please spend more time editing the C&C books!  The issues in Book of Familiars are atrocious.  Please, next print EDIT OUT THE D20 Material that does not exist in C&C, or hire someone to write errata for Book of Familiars.  I love your rule set, and I like the idea behind this book, but it is a terrible disappointment for the above mentioned reasons.

Anyway, I need to get to working on one project or another.  Enjoy this Demon from "Atlantis."