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Monday, January 13, 2014

The 2014 State of (My) Gaming Address

Well, it's January.  I'm done moving.  I'm ready to game again and ready to write again.  I suppose it's time for me to update everyone on the State of Gaming (as it pertains to my life.)  My move and temporary shift in life that made my late fall and holiday season hectic is done and in the past.  Now I have time for the things that I love again.  This year looks promising on several levels.  Let's start with the most base.

I can finally get back to a solid gaming schedule.  That means that my weekly face to face game on Fridays should become regular again.  That's right, the Castles & Crusades: Lost Lands campaign will be back in full swing!  Two great companies combined into one awesome campaign.  I also intend to be running my monthly Mutant Future campaign on a monthly basis again with +Amy Kohl & co.  Additionally on my regular gaming front, my good friend Jon will likely be running his Numenera campaign on a monthly basis, which I greatly look forward to PLAYING in! Also, I have been told by +Adam Muszkiewicz  of another once a month game coming up, and I would love the chance to play with him once a month!  Everything I've played with or run for him at cons has been great. Wow.  With all of that I almost forgot the "occasional" LotFP game, that I intend to make slightly more than occasional.

On top of all of the above I promised myself that I would get on this here light box and play some Hangout and Roll20 games this year.  It's also been (literally) years since I painted a mini and I have a backlog to work on!

Lets jump on the 40th Anniversary topic now.   As I wrote about here this year marks the 40th Anniversary of D&D specifically, and RPG's in general by default of that.  We believe that the 40th Anniversary proper is January 26th (read the linked page and follow it's links to learn why, if you aren't already familiar.)  In honor of this event I have created a shirt, which was mentioned on Geek Native.  Thanks for that if you guys happen to be reading!  

I for one intend to do something to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of my favorite hobby!  My plan is to run a day of D&D.  That will be one full day of face to face games.  I plan on running them at Warriors 3 Comics & Games in Wayne, MI.  I originally intended to do so on Jan. 25th, but that is now looking unlikely.  Now I plan to move that to Sat. Feb 1st.  What will I be running?  I plan to run all three games using OD&D.  I may or may not port in some Arduin Grimoire stuff.  I will be running classic mods.  White Plume Mountain is my definite adventure for the day.  Other than that I'm tossing around Tomb of Horrors, Ghost Tower of Inverness, The Lost City, Secret of Bone Hill...  the list could go on.  All of that said, I think I'll be sticking with "tournament" style mods, as they should fit in the time that I'm giving myself that day.  For the record, I will be wearing that sweet 40th anniversary shirt while running these games.  Hell, my birthday is a couple weeks after that, so we might see round too and get more of these games in.  Maybe I'll run the entire "U" series for my b-day. That would be pretty damned sweet.

Now that I'm settled I can also get back to writing my "my afterwork project."  That is to say, in the next couple of weeks I intend to start pounding away at "The Black Book of Faust" again.  I've been missing my Lamentations of the Flame Princess project and game these last few months and need to get back on track with it now that time is again available.  I greatly look forward to returning to this.

That looks like a big year.  But wait folks... I don't think that I've quite bitten off more than I can chew yet!  It was somewhat un-officially proposed that in 2014 U-Con have an official OSR track going on. A"track" essentially boiling down to a collection of similarly themed games and events.  U-con has an awesome Tekumel track every year, and I would like to get an OSR track in there as well!  We had a great OSR turnout in 2013, so I would love to coordinate an official track.  I have sent in my plan for the project and have been told that a board meeting is coming up at which it will be discussed.  Now I wait with bated breath.

Well, it's late here in The Land of the Inland Seas, and I have to get up for my real job early in the morning.  So, I'll leave you good folks with Gary's words...