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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Swag For the 40th Anniversary of D&D

You may know, if you've ever clicked on the "Raid Grognard the Dragon's Lair" icon to the right, that I design a few items here and there to promote the Blog and OSR gaming in general.  Well, I've owned some of my own product, and some OSR shirts that others have produced.  I'm sure that WOTC has something on the horizon from their own clothing line to mark the occasion, but I wanted something to embrace more than just D&D itself.  The anniversary of D&D is the anniversary of rpg's in general, as it was the first.  Therefore I have designed a shirt that pays tribute to our past, yet looks to our future.  If you've been looking for something to wear for the 40th Anniversary of D&D or to your local Con, look no further!  It is available here by clicking the here.  Today (1/7/2013) you can get 50% off shirts using the code: TEEREFRESHER.

My primary reason for getting this designed was to have something for the 40th Anniversary coming up, as +Jon Peterson has pointed out here.  Seeing as how the presumed date (and Jon provides some reliable research to prove his point) of the 1974 release of D&D is Sunday Jan. 26th, I will be running a full day of games on the 25th (conditions permitting.)  This will be an event at one of our local FLGSs, Warriors 3 Comics and Games.  It will be an semi-open event, and I intend to post more about my plans for it in the following weeks.