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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Henry 'Hank' Esslinger (Sholo Critumbo) Memorial Page and Memorial Fund

If you have an interest in this page, you likely knew Hank Esslinger in some way, whether you knew him in person or on the internet via his varied interests.  This post is meant to be a memorial page dedicated to him.  Late last week I was made aware of his passing, and while I only had the opportunity to speak with him via the internet, he added quite a bit to my daily life, and provided me with several good conversations over these past few years.  I have already missed his presence greatly.  He was a great part of the online Old School Gaming Community.  After I had learned of his passing, this post by his niece's husband was brought to my attention on Hank's Facebook page:

Hello everyone...I see the posts are starting to come in, so I thought I would explain a few things about Henry/Hank/Sholo Crittumbo. He passed away this week from an unknown condition. He had been living with his niece Valarie (I am her husband) for a few months, and had been in relatively good health. The cause of his death is unknown, and the funeral/memorial arrangements are not set as of now. We all have stories about Henry. He was a good man with a good heart, and we ask that you pray for the well being of his family in this time of grieving. I know of few people who would not want mourning at his death...Henry was one of those few. Thank you for your kind thoughts, more information will follow when it is available. 

Jason January - Huntsville

Since that time people have been writing on his page in droves.  He was loved by many people in many circles. I am opening this page up to any memories, eulogies or pictures that you would like me to post.  If you have anything about Hank that you would like me to put up, send it to treewytch_at_yahoo_dot_com.  Send your message, poem, picture of Hank etc. Also give me the name that you prefer to be known under on this page.  I will get everything up as time permits.

Additionally, a fund has been started to help Hank's family take care of his finances and funeral.  Any donation is welcome.  Jason hd this to say:

Jason here (Val's Husband). I thought I would pass this information on to everyone as soon as able. As you can tell, we have opened up Henry's computer and have found almost a 500 messages between the different online groups he was a part of. Some of you may have only met him online. He was even more cantankerous in person. 

As per multiple messages to our emails, phones and Facebook, the family decided to open up a memorial fund to cover the expenses. While Henry would give you the shirt off his back, he really was a free spirit and did not have a lot to give. We are working to cover his funeral expenses and take care of his property/obligations he left behind. His sister (Monica) is taking on the financial strain of the funeral currently. Any help would be appreciated.

Below is an option for you to give to cover some of those expenses. If you do not have money now but will during Faire, please give to the assistance fund in his memory at that time. 

It appears that there is a high chance that we are going to have a memorial in Houston, Saturday, January 25, The exact times and location have not been set in stone. I will continue to update you as more information is available.

The donations can be given at youcaring.com here.  

Henry "Hank" Esslinger (Sholo Critumbo,) we will see you when we pass into the west.