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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Numenera Complete and on Sale

I've had a chance to play a session of Numenera, and while it looks at first glance to have the "clunk" of  a D20 game, but it is quite quick and streamlined.  The game is overall rules lite, but with a lot of mechanical advantages (and cosmetic ones as well) for the players.  Additionally the world of Numenera is an amazing Sci-Fantasy set in earth's far future.  I was on the fence about whether I'd like it or not.  In the end, it's a solid game that hits my rules lite spot dead on.  If you want to try it, now is probably a good time to pick it up.  The retail price of the Numenera core book is $59.99.  Noble Knight Games just released a "lot" of Numenera consisting of the Core Book, Players Guide and Devil's Spine adventure for a total of  $69.99.  Additionally, Noble Knight is currently running their "Fall Sale."  This places the lot at $62.96.  That is down from cover price of $106.97 for all three books!  That is an amazing deal.  Like I said, if you've been itching to try Numenera now would be a good time.  Click here to take advantage of the savings before the sale is over and the lots are gone!

Update - 

I would like to apologize, as the Numenera lot deal at Noble Knight Games is is done due to them having run out of the module that came with it.  That said, they have greatly reduced the prices of both the individual core book and Player's Guide.  The core book can be found here and has been reduced from the cover price of $59.99 to $35.96 saving a total of $24.04 on the core rules!  That is a pretty hefty discount.  The Player's Guide is here and is marked down to $11.66 from $19.99.  Still good deals on both.  I would still wager to say that these are deals you won't want to pass on if you've been thinking about picking up the system.