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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hump-day Hildebrandt: Octhorror Edition, and My Return To the Interwebs

Well, I'm back again.  After a couple of fun filled weeks with no home computer (which with no smart phone left my fantasy football team in a bad way for two Sundays) I am back, just in time for Halloween!  So, what to I promise in the coming weeks that I've missed?  By this weekend I intend to have U-Con info up and running, it's looking like a good one for the OSR!   I also intend to post updates to the work I will now be getting back to on The Black Book of Faust  and it's respective playtest.  Until then, as my last Octhorror installment of Hump-day Hildebrandt I give you Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!