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Monday, July 22, 2013

My Return, Lightning and Friday Funnies

Well, I've been back from Michicon and my vacation since Thursday, unfortunately, lightning struck the power lines near my home Friday and I have been nearly internet-less, save for work since.  That said, I will get a re-cap of my Michicon experience up soon.  You may have noticed the lack of Friday Funnies.  I have noticed that only my hard core readers seem to be going for these, so I am currently doing away with them, as it was relatively lame anyhow.  I will, however, have a new art installment in line with Old School gaming up every Wednesday, starting this week featuring the art of one or both Hildebrandt Brothers.  Sorry about the lame post, I just wanted to share the reason for the lack of blogging recently!

I leave you all with a real photo of a Grue: