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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Inspiring Youth's Favorite Edition Is 1E

The video is far from professionally done, but listening to this kid talk about 1E is quite inspiring when most his age are mainly playing Pathfinder or 4E.  He deserves some kudos from the OSR!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WOTC Taking A Step Back To Move Forward With Their "Living Campaign."

The Examiner has an interesting article up regarding D&D Encounters, here.  According to this, the new  Encounters season, which will be using Murder In Baldur's Gate as it's backdrop, will not only be compatible with "Next" rules, but will be backwards compatible with both 3.5 and 4E.  While this doesn't quite hit my gaming sweet spot, it is showing that they do have some of their players' interests in mind, whether it is only for the sake of sales or not.  If this trend continues, and moreover if they bring yet older editions into the mix, it could cause some deal of change in the gaming community!  I will be keeping my ear to the ground to see what they have in store next.

Monday, June 24, 2013

R.I.P. Last Man On Earth...

The world has lost yet another great literary mind.  In the wake of the loss of Jack Vance, we lose yet another extraordinary Science Fiction author, Richard Matheson.  For those who may not know who he was, Matheson authored such great pieces of fiction as "I Am Legend," "What Dreams May Come," "Hell House," Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," and "The Box."  He was assuredly a thinker's writer and he will be missed.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, Pulled From Vitual Shelves

According to this article over on pcgamer.com, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is being pulled from vitual shelves due to "contractual issues."  Trent Oster, President of Beamdog/Overhaul said:

“We recently removed Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition from sale on Beamdog and the Apple App Store. We’ve taken this step at our publishing partner’s request as we attempt to resolve a number of contractual issues.”

At the time of the article I can verify that BGEE was still up and running on Steam, however at the present time, Steam has been going up and down.  Whether that is directly related to the potential removal of BGEE is unclear.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hypothesis of the Role-playing Gamer Floater

There is a very interesting, and possibly accurate hypothesis on the RPG Research website right now. Go ahead, click the link, read it and calmly agree or rant (dependent upon which of these two individuals you are.)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gamers & Grognards Summer Classic Challenge

So, yesterday I posted about this year's Michicon and how I was going to label my classic game at it the "Gamers & Grognards Summer Classic."  Sounds cool enough.  Since then I have had one person genuinely interested in getting another "classic" (read as Old School) game going.  So, here is the "challenge."  I would like to try to get at least five such games going this year, we had more at U-con last year, but U-con is a bigger event.  

Here is my call to your Michigan (and nearby) old schoolers.)  Let's submit and try to get at least 5 games in to Michicon under the "Summer Classic" heading.  Criteria being that these are either classic games (2E Era or before and need not be D&D related: Chill, Classic Battletech, Top Secret, Boot Hill, etc. would all acceptable,) retro-clone or classic module.  In other words it needs to be "Old School" or "Classic" in some form.  Present your game to me and send it in to Michicon submissions MDGGamingEvents@gmail.com  (request that they list it as part of the Summer Classic.)  As A side note, I don't think they yet know what the Summer Classic is, as I only created this yesterday.

On another note, I have already started trying to get some swag for Summer Classic GM's to hand out.  If we get more games approved and running that might increase our chances at getting the swag for our players.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Don't Live Near North Texas, But We Have A Con of Our Own - Michicon and the Gamers & Grognards Summer Classic

So Michicon 2013 has been announced and is still looking for GM's.  As you can tell from the title, as per always, I will not be making it down to Texas for NTRPG Con this year.  Nor did I make it to Gary Con.  But we have a small-ish summer event here in the Land of the Inland Seas called Michicon.  I've always had fun at Michicon, and last year I had a blast running the games that I GMed.  They are still looking for GM's if you live in the area and are interested.  

Secondly, I have announced that this year I will be running something that I will call the "Summer Classic." I hope this will be the first of many.  the G&G Summer Classic will consist of and old classic module run on a retroclone.  I have done this before using C&C.  This year for my first "Annual" I will be running S1: Tomb of Horrors on Swords & Wizardry Complete.  I'm thinking maybe the "Summer Classic" could become it's own mini-con someday, if enough folks were interested in running classic and OSR games.  That, however, is not the purpose of this post.  

Stay tuned as I will give updates and schedules for Michicon!