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Friday, May 31, 2013

Petty God's Submissions

So, two of my submissions for "Petty Gods" went  out over a month ago.  These first two were actually my own designs and based upon a deity and items from my group's many home brews.  The second two have been more challenging as I took them on as assignments from Gorgonmilk.  I lost a lot of time on them due to  a little bit of life happening, but in the end got both turned in last night.  I worked on one of the cover gods (if you look at the cover below he is the pointy eared Petty One in lower left corner.  My other submissions included "Kahladht," a lesser god of the undead and two submissions for the magic items section.  The items are a set of Rune Blades and a series of Divine Lotuses.  From what I understand we are looking at a release date of August, so look for this on RPGNow then!