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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dungeons & Dragons (Now With Multiple Editions)

If you are reading this, it likely is not the first time you have read it today.  WOTC has officially started "supporting every edition."  They have made good on the "promise" to reprint in "electronic format" that I had mentioned here and I am glad to say that my fears of the format not being PDF were unfounded.  Everything is in pdf and the first wave is available for download at RPGnow and a new extension specifically for D&D called D&D Classics.  You can download B1 for free this week as a special promotion of the first wave of releases!  In addition, they seem to be honoring ALL PREVIOUS PURCHASES of pdf's.  Therefore, if you purchased a pdf in the past and it was pulled, when it is re-released you will get a copy!  For these reasons, RPGnow is completely flooded at the time of this writing, due to the fact that word spread well before I got a chance to post this.  It will likely be difficult to get on and get the new cleaned up pdf's for at least a few hours.  Currently there is a fair amount of material available, including entire series of modules and sourcebooks from B/X, 1E, 2E, 3/3.5 and 4E.

In other OSR pdf news, Goblinoid games has announced that the also have a free pdf module up at RPGnow.  You can get a copy of The Gibbering Tower at the same time as your old school D&D downloads, that is, if we don't eternally crash RPGnow...