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Monday, December 17, 2012

Gygax Magazine Table of Contents

For any who have not seen this yet today, here is the preview of the contents of this quarter's Gygax Magazine:

Here's a sneak peek at the contents of our first issue:

The Cosmology of Role Playing Games by James Carpio
Still Playing After All These Years - by Tim Kask 
Leomund's Secure Shelter - by Len Lakofka
The Ecology of the Banshee - by Ronald Corn
Bridging Generations - by Luke Gygax
The Gygax Family Storyteller - by Ernie Gygax
Keeping Magic Magical - by Dennis Sustare
Gaming With a Virtual Tabletop - by Nevin P. Jones
DMing for Your Toddler - by Cory Doctorow
Great Power for ICONS - by Steve Kenson
Gaming Through the Generations - by Ethan Gilsdorf
Between the Dungeons - by Ernie Gygax
Talents Off the Front Line - by Dennis Detwiller
Adaption Decay - by Michael Tresca
Gnatdamp: A Sanctuary in the Swamp adventure by Michael Curtis

The Kobold's Cavern - a special section edited by Wofgang Baur of Kobold Press:
---A Magical Miscellany for AGE by Randall Hurlburt
---Scaling Pathfinder Combat Feats by Marc Radle
---An AGE of Great Inventions by Rodrigo GarcĂ­a Carmona

Comic - Marvin the Mage by Jim Wampler
Comic - What's New with Phil & Dixie by Phil Foglio
Comic - The Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew

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