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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Resurrection Day - TSR Returns!

Guess what.

That's what.  Guess what else.  It contains of  Tenser, Melf and the first full time employee of the original TSR.  That's right, Ernie Gygax, Luke Gygax and Tim Kask are involved in this.  It appears that the first project to be produced will be a magazine, which is gaming based.  

The man behind this appears to be one Jason Elliot.  In his own words posted at Enworld:

"Hi guys, this is Jayson. I'm the editor for Gygax Magazine.

Gygax Magazine is myself, Ernie Gygax, Luke Gygax, Tim Kask, James Carpio, and Jim Wampler. Our first issue is out in December; since it's not finished yet, we've been pretty quiet about things until it's ready.

Just to address some of the questions, I thought it was best that I leave a reply. We do own the trademark for TSR, and have since December of 2011. We are a new company, not the old TSR, as they were purchased by Wizards in the '90s. The trademark was abandoned about nine years ago, and we registered it in 2011. 

We decided the best thing to release first as TSR was a gaming magazine, because we wanted a way to bridge the traditions of the old guard with the awesome new games that are out today."

This would appear to be good news.  I am leery (while still hopeful) when it comes to any attempt at "bridging old and new styles of play and games."  I was when WOTC made the announcement, and I am about this.  That said, at least three people in this company prefer the old styles, so that bodes well for us OSR folks.  I may have to wrangle some of these folks that I speak with on occasion and try to get an interview regarding this.  In the mean time you can sign up for updates regarding Gygax Magazine here:

and here:


According to this (and I have now idea if it is true) James M. Ward, Len Lakofka, and Phil Foglio are involved as well.


  1. "Gygax Magazine is myself, Ernie Gygax, Luke Gygax, Tim Kask..."

    Let's hope by "editor" he means "general organizer", and not that he will be subjecting the masses to further misuse of "me" and "myself".

    Otherwise, it sounds interesting! Possibly a good time for such a thing, even.

  2. Although I feel I already know the answer to this I am ever the optimist - is this going to be available in the UK?

    1. I just got a response from Tim Kask, and he says that it will be available on your side of the pond, but "The means is still in work."

    2. good news thanks mate :)

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