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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reprints of Earlier D&D Works, the OSR and My Origins Story Part 1

If you are reading this blog you are likely aware of the fact that WOTC recently re-released both the "core books" for 1E and 3.5.  We also have also known that the will be releasing the entire D&D back catalog in electronic format.  Whether WOTC has done this strictly to keep the cash flow coming in while between editions, or an attempt to show old schoolers (OSR and 3.5 players alike) that they really do want to "support all editioins of D&D" is unclear at the moment.  They do appear to be getting into doing these reprints.  Coming in may several new ones will be appear.  The core of these will be reprints of AD&D 2nd Edition (2E.)  I'm sure that these will feature leatherette versions of the originals, just as the previous re-releases have had.  They will undoubtedly be quality products.

While many within the OSR may not be excited about these reprints (as 2nd Edition has a bit of a bad rap) I will be welcoming them for two reasons.  The first is that WOTC will still be supporting, yet another out of print product, if only for a short time.  I am wondering if this is in the hope that people will buy the "Core" books in the hopes that they will choose to also get the electronic formats of the supporting texts.  The second reason that I am excited for this product is that it is the edition that introduced me to playing D&D.  I say playing because prior to 2E I was aware of the existence of D&D, from stories, to seeing people play, to the D&D cartoon, to having owned several of the toys (I know for a fact that I had the bendable hydra.)   

The fact is that when I was a Cub Scout I went on some camping trips with Boy Scouts, most of whom happened to be gamers and were playing 2E (I believe right after it came out, as they were using 1E supplements and modules, plus I do believe it was 1989.) Keep following in future posts for the rest of the story.  


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with 2E. I don't like how it was gelded by taking out the "devilish" aspects and other changes that made it less gritty than 1E (I started out with 1E). BUT I played more 2E than 1E, and I loved the 2E-era art/presentation of the books. And all those setting that came out for 2E were, to the younger me, awesome as hell.

    1. I don have to say, however, that I understand during the time period WHY they removed devils & demons. However, I do agree that I dislike that they made the move.

  2. Some of the settings can still be awesome if you use them properly and not so much of a "railroady, you're the main character in the book" style. Ravenloft and Dark Sun in particular.

  3. 2E was awsome from a setting standpoint. Not only Ravenloft and Darksun, but also Spelljammer!!!! And Forgotten Realms truly exploded.

  4. Yeah, I like Spelljammer for it's "weird fiction" vibe. I was never a big fan of the Realms. Some of what came out of it was OK. I always thought that what it did, Greyhawk did better.